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Trump's Disgraceful Delusional CHARADE Finally ENDED Yesterday - How Does The USA Heal ??

One of PERHAPs Several SHOCKINGLY "VILE, Unconscionable & Disgusting" Video CLIPs which Depict Donald Trump EXHIBITING his usual Misogynistic, Vulgar & Demeaning Behavior toward WOMEN was released to the PUBLIC Yesterday ~ The "Endorsement "RETRACTIONs" have begun, the few that he Managed to "BAMBOOZLE" & Christians are ASKING the Pertinent QUESTION, given this "HORRIFIC Example" coupled with his Dubious HISTORY of HATE, Racism, Delusional ATTACKs & ANTI-American Sentiment, how could U possibly tell your "Wife or DAUGHTER" that this "Pathetic Woman HATING Meglomaniac" is worth a VOTE?

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Best Answer Mike Russo (peoplepower73) says

2 weeks ago
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    Alternative Prime 2 weeks ago

    Well Mike, NOW the "CHARADE" is FINALLY Over not Only because of the LATEST Unbelievably "SLEAZY & Misogynistic" Woman HATING & Abusive Video CLIP, but his ENTIRE Compilation of Unlawful, Disgusting, IMMORAL, Unethical, Racist & INSANE BE

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Express10 says

2 weeks ago
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    Grace Marguerite Williams (gmwilliams) 2 weeks ago

    Clinton/Trump............both tarnished however Clinton will win...........

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