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Are The Communist Russian CRIMINALs "Hacking" or "Fabricating" E-Mail Content ??

We ALL Understand the FACT that Vladimir Putin & Communist Russian Operatives are "STRIVING Mightily" to get "Delusional Donald", a known "Communist SYMPATHIZER" Elected President of the United States so they can Manipulate him like a Proverbial PUPPET ~ In an ACT of Desperation, WHY wouldn't Russian HACKERs / Operatives simply "Fabricate or MANUFACTURE" Material they think would HELP Trump ?? WHY "HACK" & Leave a trail of EVIDENCE when they can simply "INVENT" whatever they want ?? WHY Not ?? They are CRIMINALs REMEMBER ??

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Tamara Wilhite (tamarawilhite) says

2 weeks ago
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    Alternative Prime 2 weeks ago

    "Delusional Donald" keeps DENYING the FACT that his Russian COMRADEs are DESPERATELY Trying to Influence the AMERICAN Election in his favor so he could have begun to DILUTE the STRENGTH of NATO ALLIEs ~ No CONFIRMATION of "Hacking Authenticity"