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Will Trump Voluntarily "Step ASIDE" Or Be "REMOVED" From The DOOMED Republican Ticket ??

After the Appalling "NATIONAL Disgrace" of a "CLOWN-Show SPECTACLE" last night which Depicted the FINAL ACT of a "PATHETIC Meglomaniacal & DELUSIONAL Woman ABUSER" called "Donald Trump", it appears as if the DEMANDs for this "Disgusting ABOMINATION" to Step ASIDE will reach a FEVER Pitch SOON ~ Everyone Understands Trump Desperately NEEDs "Psychological Help & Extensive THERAPY" from a Licensed Psychiatrist, NOT MORE Free Air-TIME to DISGRACE Himself, his Family & COUNTRY, as if he CAREs about any of them ~ Will this Predator FINALLY Place the USA above his PERSONAL Political Aspirations?

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Mike Russo (peoplepower73) says

2 weeks ago
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    Alternative Prime 2 weeks ago

    NOT a Correction Mike but an OBSERVATION ~ The USA would be "GREATER" if Trump "Stepped ASIDE" ~ The Republican NC has "RULEs not LAWs" & Could REMOVE this "National Disgrace" Communist Sympathizer if they WISHED ~ LANDSLIDE Against GOP Imminent