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Pence Can't Be SEEN With Trump ~ How "CATASTROPHIC" For Republicans Is That ???

Yup, if you're NOT Following Closely, U might NOT be "AWARE of the FACT" that subsequent to the Emergence of the Damning "Video Tape" which Depicts "Abuser Trump" in his "Natural HABITAT", on the "Streets Preying on Unsuspecting Women" and in some Despicable CASEs, Children, Mike PENCE, his VP RUNNING-MATE has been CANCELLING Joint APPEARANCEs !!!! ~ YES, Believe it or NOT, Pence CAN'T Be SEEN with "Abuser Donald" but U as an AMERICAN should Actually VOTE for this "National DISGRACE" ???? Well, MAYBE that works on "PLANET Pedophilia", but sorry, NOT Here On EARTH ~