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Children In My Neighborhood Are NOT ALLOWED To "Watch Or LISTEN" To Trump - Are Yours ??

Parents in my Neighborhood tell me that they themselves are "APPALLED & Offended" not ONLY by his VILE, Vulgar, SLEAZY & ANTI-American WORDz, but his "CLOWNISH Carnival Huckster" Appearance as well & would NEVER Allow their Children to be INFLUENCED in any way by this Creepy Disgusting Man ~ They also express ASTONISHMENT at the Unfortunate FACT that this Pathetic 70 Year OLD Pig is actually a Nominee for OUR Presidency ~

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bradmasterOCcal says

2 weeks ago
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    Alternative Prime 2 weeks ago

    lol @ brad ~ The Clinton FOUND. is an Institution which does AMAZING Charitable Work around the GLOBE while According to REPORTs, the "Trump FOUNDATION" was Recently "SHUT Down" in NY for LAW Violations ~ REPORTs say he's on TRIAL 4 PEDOPHILIA