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What would a candidate have to say to get your vote if you are undecided or to change your mind?

I am more interested in the issues important to you than the candidates themselves.

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Billie Kelpin says

2 months ago
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Tim Mitchell (tsmog) says

8 weeks ago
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    Shannon (shanmarie) 8 weeks ago

    I have heard people considering that option as well. But I don't keep up with politics enough to know who would be a good write in choice.

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Paula (fpherj48) says

2 months ago
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    Shannon (shanmarie) 2 months ago

    There's always the independent nominee to consider. I find it hard to focus on the stances and issues important to me and how they would handle it when I don't care for the character displays of either one. Neither have said much about their plans.

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dashingscorpio says

2 months ago
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    Paula (fpherj48) 2 months ago

    Stopping by just to say, "Hey, dashing." Good to C U. Which one of us has been hiding? Haven't seen U in a while. U're still making a lot of sense & offering up great answers! Cheers!

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