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Russians Frantically Breach U.S. Security In A DESPERATE Attempt To AID "Stalker Trump" ~ REACTION?

Let me REPEAT that just in case you're READING this in "Utter Disbelief" ~ COMMUNIST Russians have been & CONTUNUE To use all their Technological POWERs to ILLEGALLY Breach & Commit ESPIONAGE Against "WE the PEOPLE" in a Desperate Attempt to INFLUENCE OUR Sovereign Election in "Delusional Donald's" FAVOR ~ They are Stealing & More than LIKELY Altering or Manipulating Our PRIVATE E-Mails ~ My Neighbors are FURIOUS while "Deranged Comrade Trump" Refuses to CONDEMN This INSANELY Dangerous Operation ~ Although the E-Mails CANNOT be Authenticated, your REACTION ??

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Mike Russo (peoplepower73) says

10 days ago
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    Alternative Prime 9 days ago

    ABSOLUTELY Mike ~ A Former U.S. Admiral said Trump Exhibited "CRIMINAL Intent" when he ASKED his Communist Russian Comrades to "Illegally INVADE" the Privacy of "WE the PEOPLE" & STEAL OUR Property ~ "Delusional Donald" has yet to CONDEMN them.

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