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Do Russians Understand The FACT That "HACKED" E-Mails Are Nearly IMPOSSIBLE To AUTHENTICATE ??

By now, we ALL Undsertand that Communist Russians are Desperately Trying to "Frankenstein" Comrade Donald's "DEAD Pseudo-Campaign" form MOSKOW or Wherever ~ But do they REALIZE that their UNLAWFUL Efforts to STEAL Documents from "WE the PEOPLE" who reside in the United States of AMERICA & try to PRESENT them as "PRISTINE" is a FUTILE ILLEGAL Exercise?? ~ "HACKED Documents" are "Untrustworthy" and I Hesitate to BELIEVE any of this ILL-Gotten Material ~ Your OPINION ??

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Paula (fpherj48) says

9 days ago
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    Grace Marguerite Williams (gmwilliams) 9 days ago

    A+ (loud thunderous applause)

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