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Delusional Donald's Physical And Mental "MELTDOWN" Continues - WHY Hasn't His CHILDREN Intervened?

Throughout the past year, it seems as if Trump has "Exhibited" clear signs of "Psychological Imbalances" which would require CORRECTIVE Measures ~ With the EMERGENCE of his Disgustingly LEWD Access HOLLYWOOD "SEX Tape" last Friday & MORE Recent Allegations from women who were TEENAGERs at the time saying that this guy STORMED into a Private Room while they were in a "Compromising Position", his mental state seems to be Deteriorating with each passing day ~ WHY Hasn't his CHILDREN or even FRIENDs stepped in to INTERVENVE Yet ??? What's going on Up there in Trump Tower ??

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Marie L B (MarieLB) says

13 days ago
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    Alternative Prime 13 days ago

    U might be right Marie ~ However, since his "NOW Deceased" Pseudo-Campaign began, which has been essentially an INSANE, NON-Stop INSULT Driven Effort to OFFEND as many people as Possible, Traffic to his Properties has Plummeted 17% to 27%