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Pence Can't Be SEEN With Trump But "VOTERs" Are STILL Expected To Support Him ?? WHAT ?? EXPLAIN ??

HOW DUMB Do these 2 Swindlers think "WE the PEOPLE" are ???? UNBELIEVABLE ~ In case you're NOT Following Closely, Mike Pence "Delusional Donald's" VP Pick, CANCELLED ALL Joint Appearances with Trump IMMEDIATELY After the LEWD Campaign Destroying Trump Access HOLLYWOOD "SEX Tape" was Released with MORE Women "Publically Testifying" against him with each passing day ~ So, PENCE was "Shocked & APPALLED" Enough to Pull his SUPPORT & CANCEL ALL Future "HATE Gatherings" with Trump, but they both still EXPECT U to VOTE for them ????? REALLY ??? SERIOUSLY ??? Come ON ~

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Grace Marguerite Williams (gmwilliams) says

12 days ago
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    Alternative Prime 12 days ago

    I think I agree with U Grace ~ I was Commenting on the FACT that Trump's own VP "CANNOT & Will NOT" be seen with his own RUNNING-Mate because of an infinite number of REASONs ~ So, if his OWN VP Refuses to VOTE for him WHY should anyone ELSE?