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Can U IMAGINE The Aggregate "DARK Kharma" Polluting Trump Castle Right NOW ??

UNBELIEVABLE ~ Unless any more have "JUMPED" out a Window which is certainly not inconceivable, in his FINAL "Pseudo-Campaign" DAYz, "Delusional Donald" is Surrounded by & Presumably Engaged in "DEEP Dark CONFLICT & Turmoil" with a BREITBART Surrogate who engages in RACIST Propaganda, "BATTY Rudy" Giulliani who apparently ABANDONED his Dignity & HALF his MIND LONG Ago, "Fit as a Fiddle" Chris Christie who according to reports, will soon be INDICTED for the "BRIDGE-Gate" Scandal, His GRIFTER Kids & ILL Kelly-Anne ~ What a "Terrible & DISTURBING" Visual ~ It's NOT Halloween, it's REALITY.

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