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Will U.S. Special FORCEs Capture "Wiki-Weirdo" And Russian Hackers BEFORE Our ELECTION ?

Everyone UNDERSTANDs the FACT that if he's NOT in Prison by then, the ONLY POSSIBLE Way to a Higher Ballot COUNT this NOVEMBER for ANTI-American Woman ABUSER Trump is the Path Through FRAUD, VOTER Station "Infiltration & ALTERATION" which Criminal Wiki & Donald's Russian COMRADEs have already Perpetrated AGAINST "WE the PEOPLE" ~ FALSE Docs FOUND ~ WOMEN Rejct Trump, Men REJECT him, WORKERs Reject him, Minorities REJECT him and ALL "VALID Polls" have REVEALED a Substanial LEAD for Hillary from the beginning ~ Will OUR U.S. Special FORCEs Capture "Wiki-Weirdo / Russians BEFORE NOVEMBER 8th ?