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Did U Know "FALSE" Documents Are Comingled With The "ILLEGALLY Hacked" WHACKI Wiki-E-Mail DUMP ??

Yup, it's TRUE but hey, who would of thought a HERMIT Hiding OUT in Ecuador to AVOID "Sexual Assault Charges" in Sweeden or Espionage CHARGEs here in the United States, or "VODKA Soaked" Russian Communist Criminals who are DESPERATELY trying to Manipulate the U.S. Election in FAVOR of their PARTNER Comrade Donald would ever think of "ALTERING" E-Mails they STOLE from "WE the PEOPLE" ??

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ptosis says

7 days ago
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    Alternative Prime 7 days ago

    Not sure what U mean ~ The FACT Remains that "FALSE" Documents are POPPING Up within the MASSIVE Weirdo Wiki-Russian "DUMP" ~ U do REALIZE that "Russians / WEIRDO Wiki" are CONDUCTING Illegal ACTs of ESPIONAGE AGAINST the USA Right? ALTERING Docs?

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