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Did U Know "Abuser Trump" Is "COLLAPSING" In Pence's Home State Of INDIANA ??

POLLs Indicate a "Total Devastating COLLAPSE" Implosion for the Trump / Pence Ticket in his HOME State of Indiana ~ Even the folks in his OWN Home State can't accept the "ABSOLUTE Absurdity" of Pence's Ridiculous Response to the "Tsunami of Sexual Assault" Allegations which has begun Against Trump who actually "CONFESSED" on VIDEO Tape that he ENGAGEs is such Abhorrent, DISGRACEFUL & of course Unlawful Activity ~ Pence's INSANE Response?? CANCEL Appearances & STAY MILEs away from Donald but REMAIN on the TICKET ?? WHAT ?? ARE U SERIOUS ? Is that how they do it in "Republican Pretend-Land" ??

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Jackie Lynnley says

7 days ago
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    Alternative Prime 7 days ago

    Go take another look at Trump's "ACCESS Hollywood" "FILTH Tape" where you'll DISCOVER "Delusional Donald" CONFESSING to "Rape, Assault & Battery" of Innumerable WOMEN ~ It's CATASTROPHIC when your OWN VP-Mate can't be seen with U ~ INSANE ~