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Do you believe the Presidential Election is rigged?

Is the Electoral college system rigged? ‘More people are discovering that the system is all rigged and voting is just pacification,’ three-time presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul argued during an interview with RT America. Paul warned that the GOP’s machinations to block Donald Trump are a sign of a corrupt, undemocratic system. There have been many hacks into Democratic political groups, but none into Republican groups. Former CIA acting director Michael Morell called Donald Trump an "unwitting agent" of Putin.

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dashingscorpio says

9 days ago
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    Greg Schweizer (gregas) 9 days ago

    It just means that our VOTES don't count. There have been 4 presidents that won popular vote but lost to the Electoral College.

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9 days ago
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Ken Burgess says

9 days ago
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    ptosis 9 days ago

    Do these machines give a paper receipt when voting? I hear Penn's machines do not so unable to do a recount.

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Greg Schweizer (gregas) says

9 days ago
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  • dashingscorpio profile image

    dashingscorpio 9 days ago

    Actually the electoral votes matches the popular vote for (each state). It's a winner take all on a state by state basis.

    CA has 55 electoral votes! It's 20% of E-votes!

    The problem is (national popular vote totals) do not decide elections.

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