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FOX Loser Network PERSISTs With A LOSING Strategy Of "Hillary / Trump FALSE Comparisons" - WHY ??

Just for the RECORD, there is ZERO Comparison between one of the MOST Qualified individuals ever to seek the Presidency in Hillary, and a "CHARLATAN Liar" like Trump who According to REPORTs, ABUSES & does WORSE to Women ~ Moreover, According to REPORTs, Trump Properties was FINED for "Discrimination AGAINST" Women & African AMERICANs, Trump DREAMz of "PUNISHING" Women for Merely Exercising their Reproductive RIGHTs, he has also INSULTED Women in "UNTHINKABLE Ways" ~ Hillary has done NONE of the Preceding & This is just a Tiny EXAMPLE of the DIFFERENCEs between the two ~ ZERO Comparisons ~