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Did U Know Under President Obama "UNEMPLOYMENT" Is At Historically LOW Levels Approx. 5% ?

NOT Perfect by any MEASURE, 95 out of every 100 AMERICANs is EMPLOYED, but ABSOLUTELY on the CORRECT Trajectory ~ COMPARE this MONUMENTALLY Positive Achievement to the last Republican George W. Bush who DECIMATED Our Economy with a "NET LOSS" of Job Creation and you'll DISCOVER just how Incredibly Efficiently the OBAMA Administration was able to "BRING US Back from the DEPTHs" ~ Yup, I've already heard all the FOX Loser Network "TALKING POINTs" about how they "MANIPULATE & Conjure" FICTITIONAL Employment Stats" but in REALITY, 5% is DIRECTLY from OUR U.S. Dept. of LABOR to ENSURE Accuracy ~

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dashingscorpio says

8 days ago
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    Alternative Prime 8 days ago

    Actually, here in the "REAL World", OUR Dept. of LABOR Applies the most ACCURATE Measures to Guage "EMPLOYMENT / Un-Employment" in the U.S. ~ ALL other "FICTITIONAL Guesses" FOX Loser Network & other Republican PROPAGANDISTs Engage in is NONSENSE

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