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Wiki-LEAKs Or "WEAK-Wiki" ?? Should The "Criminal HERMIT" In Ecuador HIRE Better WRITERs ??

I mean REALLY, where's all the SURPRISES ??? After all, it's CHRISTMAS Season ~ First of ALL, it's Virtually IMPOSSIBLE to "AUTHENTICATE" the GIGANTIC Wiki-WEIRDO DUMP of Paper & Many individuals can't even "Recognize the CONTENT" which RAISES Serious Legitimacy ISSUEs ~ If a CRIMINAL has the AUDACITY to RISK "ESPIONAGE Charges" in the U.S., What's gonna' STOP him from simply "ALTERING" E-MAILs to FAVOR his Political AGENDA & HELP Abuser Trump ?? Furthermore, even if by that EXTREME Long-SHOT the DOCs are Legit, where's the "BEEF" ????