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Did you watch the debates last night?

I watched the debate last night and took notes to keep from screaming at the T.V. In Trumps world everything fits neatly into four categories: Disaster, Rigged, Conspiracy, and Brilliant. Our economy - Disaster NAFTA - Disaster UN - Disaster Our military - Disaster Our Nukes - Disaster Inner city blacks - Disaster Obama care - Disaster Our infrastructure - Disaster Border Control - Disaster Our foreign policy - Disaster Mosul - Disaster NATO - Disaster - Rigged China - Rigged, Conspiracy Saudia Arabia - Rigged, Conspiracy Women he accosted - Conspiracy Our election system - Rig

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Ken Burgess says

4 months ago
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    S O S (lovemychris) 4 months ago

    Obviously you agree with trump then. He called hillary a nasty woman. Thats simple enough. And malicious. Just like the trumpsters at his rallies.

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