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Was Hillary Clinton involved in the rigging of presidential debate questions?

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Best Answer Dont Taze Me Bro says

3 months ago
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    Tamara Wilhite (tamarawilhite) 3 months ago

    And per today's Wikileaks, Clinton's campaign not only got questions to her in advance but decided what questions should be asked of Trump.

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Tamara Wilhite (tamarawilhite) says

3 months ago
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breakfastpop says

3 months ago
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    Dont Taze Me Bro 3 months ago

    I can't help but think Huma&Weiner collected those650,000emails as insurance to keep Hillary from sacrificing her,forcing her to take the hit for any or all of her scandals.Looks like that's backfiring on her,they'll all be sharing a cell