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Aren't the news media, Clinton, and the president inciting more violence in the protests?

The news media's coverage of the violent protests is truly criminal. After their initial shock they are angry. They are following the lead of Clinton and the president who, if they wanted a peaceful transition, would be calling for an end to the protests, especially the violent ones. From their protected environments they refuse to repudiate the criminal activity in the protests, much less call for the country to unite within a peaceful transition. Shouldn't people be calling for them to own the truth about the fact that they do not want one and demanding they call the protestors to peace?

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Jill Spencer (The Dirt Farmer) says

3 months ago
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    RTalloni 3 months ago

    It's true that not all of the nation voted (have all states reported yet?), but as it stands, she only won pop vote by extremely small margin. The EC's purpose, among other things, is to balance-give every state a fair voice.

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stella vadakin (ladyguitarpicker) says

3 months ago
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