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This is a specific request for a hub. This request goes out to anyone with an interest in both...

fashion and history. I'd like someone to write a hub about the political, economic, social, and cultural forces that drive the movement of fashion from one thing to another. For example, we know that the two-piece bathing suit came as a result of World War II. This had to do with rationing. Everything was rationed, including cloth. Take a look at a picture of George Washington, noting how he's dressed. Now take a look at a picture of our forty-fourth president, Barack Obama. The question I'd like someone to make a hub-length examination of is this: How (and indeed why) does one trans

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Paul Swendson (Freeway Flyer) says

4 years ago
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William Thomas (wingedcentaur) says

6 years ago
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Harry Santos says

6 years ago
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Sierra Mackenzie says

5 years ago
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