A Rose By Any Other Name Is Still A Rose

Today for lunch I had what's called a "wrap". Yesterday I had a burrito and the day before that I had a taco.

To my surprise a wrap, a burrito and a taco are all three the same. They contain the same ingredients, a flour tortilla filled with meat or vegetables of your choice rolled into a cylindrical shape, they taste the same, are prepared the same, packaged the same and cost about the same.

One may contain a secrete ingredient (ketchup), or one may be super sized but they are all the same and taste the same. As some would say "If it quacks like a duck, walks like a duck and looks like a duck then it's a duck".

A more formal way to put it is - substance over form. That is to say regardless of what you call it the substance does not change.

If we agree that the above is true then let us apply that principal to other things in life. (If we cannot agree on the above then you need to go to the nearest fast food place and order a wrap, a burrito and a taco before reading the rest of this article.)

Government run health care. This country has had some form of government run health care for longer than I can remember. Medicare, medicaid, and chips are three that I can remember right off. But let's not forget that the government also shapes health care through laws even though those laws are not directed at health care.

The I.R.S. through its rules and regulations has helped shape health care policy more than any other agency except social security. Throughout history many governments including the United States have setup and maintained hospitals and/or institutions for the mentally insane.

Government sponsored health care is not something new. All governments have a vested interest in protecting their citizens. At some point it may even become a matter of national security. A nation requires healthy and well educated citizens as a matter of national security.

A nation with a population that is malnourished, undereducated and disease ridden quickly becomes a target for a stronger nation.

My father, a member of the 82nd airborne, fought in WWII. He was taught not to kill the enemy but to wound the enemy to the point where they required intensive care. The idea was to tie up huge amounts of enemy resources caring for their wounded.

The present administration is not inventing government run health care. It is not even proposing new and innovate ideas. The present administration is simply expanding what we already have.

Many counties in Texas have a hospital district tax that is used to fund a hospital for the indigent. This tax is imposed only on property owners. It would be nice to be able to spread this tax burden to all citizens living in the hospital district not just property owners.

So what's the fuss all about? First of all remember that this is the United States of America. The fuss is about who will get the biggest piece of the health care pie. Remember Halliburton and the reconstruction no bid contracts of Iraq? Halliburton even won contracts to feed the troops although it had no experience in food services. What it did have was its former CEO as Vice President of the United States.

So while the debate rages in congress, we are left to wonder what the fuss is all about. Or should I say who is going to get the biggest share of the health care pie? If you think that your congressperson is voting for your best interest, think again. Your congressperson has only two interests. Number one: how can I work this to help me get re-elected and number two: what's in this for me? If you can answer those two questions then you know how your congressperson will vote.


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