Ban Late Term Abortions

Ban Late Term Abortions

The procedure known as late term abortion is one of the most controversial aspects of the abortion debate, if not one of the worst medical procedures out there. Every year, thousands of unborn babies are killed after spending weeks in the womb. Some are even killed after they become viable outside of the mother’s body. Currently 44 of the world’s most populous nations have banned late term abortions from happening within their own borders. In the United States, there is no explicit federal law that is bans late term abortions, although 36 states have laws that ban late term abortion. The problem in the U.S. is that many of the laws are written in a way that would infringe on the right to an abortion, as provided by Roe vs. Wade.

The definition of a late term abortion can range from the 20th to the 27th week inside the mother. Almost all babies are viable after 27 weeks, and none are before 21 weeks, leaving a margin of error about whether the child could survive. Since abortion will not be overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court anytime soon, pro life activists have attempted to put bans on all late term abortions. Democrats in Congress have killed any effort made to curtail abortions due to pressure from liberal women’s groups that feel that they should be able to have an abortion whenever they want.

The majority of American people are strongly opposed to late term abortions because it is tantamount to murder. If a baby can live outside the mother, but instead is aborted, that should be made illegal and treated as murder. The practice is barbaric and should be made criminal. Pro life organizations have been making headway on the issue, but more needs to be done. Since Roe vs. Wade is going to be upheld for the time being, there are other ways to go about reducing abortions. The Supreme Court left open the door for states to pass laws that can put restrictions on abortions, and that is the method that needs to be used. Every state should be lobbied to pass a ban on late term abortions, because this has strong public approval. Once that passes, then the opportunity will be there for other restrictions in the future. A mother had the choice to have an abortion for months, so her mind should be made up. She can have an abortion legally in the previous five months, but there is no need to wait for the baby to grow to live and then kill it. That is the most inhumane aspect about the whole thing. The only exception to the ban should be if the mother’s life is threatened, other than that it should be made illegal. A ban on late term abortions can be conducted peacefully and successfully in each state. Public opinion and facts are on the side of preserving life, instead of recklessly destroying it.

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James A Watkins profile image

James A Watkins 7 years ago from Chicago

This "procedure" is so horrifying I cannot imagine anybody is crass enough to support it publicly. These Pro-Death folks have no shame. And no conscience.

Thanks for a fine Hub pointing out the awful truth.

Madame X 7 years ago

It was Josef Mengele, the "angel of death", the Auschwitz death camp doctor who first performed late-term abortions as "experiments" on the death camp inmates. James is right - it is so horrifying that anyone who would support it is not just mentally ill, but evil. Good hub pmm.

Katherine 7 years ago

You do all realize that late term abortions (which account of only 1% of all abortions in the US) are only permissible when either the mothers life is at risk, or if the baby has a birth defect that is incredibly severe, such as...

Open Neural Tube Defect, which means that the spinal column of the baby has not closed properly.

In which case the baby would be born most certainly paralyzed and incontinent, during the pregnancy the baby's brain is being tugged against the opening in the base of the skull and the cranium is full of fluid. It would be completely unknown whether the baby would live at all. Countless surgeries would be required if the baby did live. None of which could repair the damage that was already done to their brain.

I suspect most of YOU would still try to fight for that baby's life, but I don't quite know if the baby would thank you or hate you for it... on second thought, the fluids of the child's brain would most likely strike it incapable of any speech or rational thought. So unfortunately it wouldn't have the option to thank or hate you...

Just as you are all trying to steal the option from women who want to make that VERY PERSONAL choice for themselves and their child.

Late Term Abortions are STRICTLY regulated. It isn't like any random woman who decides she doesn't want to go through with the pregnancy can just walk into a LTA clinic and say, I want out. But unfortunately that's what you'd all like everyone to believe to prove your point.

Do more research before you blog such nonsense.

Tackle This profile image

Tackle This 7 years ago

Mr. Watkins, is right once again. I agree with his statement whole-heartedly. There is no way proponents of late term abortions could have a conscience. They are "evil" personified.

Patman66 profile image

Patman66 7 years ago

Abortion is a necessary evil, late term abortion is an abomination. Kathrine, though, seems to have a point.

thetfin 6 years ago

Katherine, how does pulling the baby's head all the way out put the mother at more risk than pulling most of the body out? Whether you kill it or not, the head will inevitably be pulled out. PBA is not necessary.

Birth defects do not mean we lose our rights. I recall something about freedom for all... Or does that exclude those of us with birth defects? I think not.

Kayla 6 years ago

I can't believe things like this can actually happen in the United States. If you ask me this should be considered murder not matter the situation. Babies with birth defects or mental disabilities deserve the same right to live as any other child. God did not send them to this Earth to be killed before they have a chance!This makes me absolutly sick! The only reason that they are permissable at all is because the term "health" when used in context to the mothers health is a very vague term and does not mean that her actual life is in danger at all, it is up to the doctor to decide what health means therefore late-term abortions ARE done on perfectly healthy babies and mothers with no good reason!!!

garynew profile image

garynew 6 years ago from Dallas, TX and Sampran, Thailand

Just because it is supposedly strictly regulated doesn't make it right or acceptable. When we begin to determine who has the right to live we become just like the Nazis. Unless it's an ocelot, then it's all right.

meg 6 years ago

Its disgusting what they do! And they should be charged with murder, a baby can survive outside the womb at 24 weeks, so how is it that they can perform abortions at 27 weeks? Our world is a very sad place filled with selfish people. God has a plan for EVERYONE birth defect or not, why should you stop his plan?

Hi-Jinks profile image

Hi-Jinks 6 years ago from Wisconsin

Katherine is right. A member of our church had to go through this, because of a cancer.

gina 6 years ago

Do you know that most late term abortions are preformed in our nations capital, Washington, DC

mother to be. 6 years ago

i didn't plan my pregnancy and me and my fiancé were so scared but what the h#ll is wrong with these ppl. I DON'T CARE WHAT ANYONE SAYS THIS IS MURDER!i feel my baby boy kick inside me every day and thethought of killing my own child makes me cry.the ones who get these done because they don't feel like having the child or because its inconvientient to them, should have there insides ripped from them and they should not be allowed to have the option of children...THIS WAS GODS GIFT AND THEY DESTROY IT EVERY DAY....

kacie 6 years ago

it makes me sick that some who thinks they can go have sex wont deal with what may come along with it. if you don't want a baby keep your legs closed people who can kill gods most wonderful gifts make me so sick and i don't care if your are 4 weeks along or 27 weeks along.when you have sex you take that chance and then to go and have that pour baby MURDERD is just sickning

Mike 5 years ago

I wonder how many of the people preaching against late term abortions would be opposed to having to pay for the children they are forcing others to carry to term. Where do these people draw the line as to where their opinion ends and the rights of another begin? They seem to disregard the strict regulations related to late term abortion and preach their morals and rules without regard for the rights of others. I would kindly thank them to keep their noses out of the wombs of others unless they are willing to step up and pay to cover the costs of these children, many of whom have crippling terminal defects.

chris cody 5 years ago

I just wanted anyone’s opinion on if I was in the wrong here, and what any of you guys would have done in this situation. So my wife is quite liberal and I’m more on the conservative side, and she’s about 3 months pregnant. She can’t work right now, so I’ve been forced to support her as of late. The thing is that about a week ago she started asking me if she could borrow $400, and being pretty secretive about the reason why. I soon found out that $400 was the average cost of a back alley abortion, which is ridiculous considering that she knows how vehemently pro-life I am. After refusing to give her the money and the countless hours of arguing that ensued, I ended up making a comment about how if she wanted to do something liberal with $400, she should take advantage of Obummer’s “ satellite internet recovery act,” so that “instead of murdering our kid, he can have satellite internet at a smashing price!” (I linked it so you can actually see it’s about $400 in taxpayer money that our President chose to waste on this s**t, aren’t I so funny hah). The messed up part is that she went and told her dad, who happens to be just as liberal as her, and who also happens to own the house that we’re renting. To make a long story short, my tenancy has been “suspended” from his house (I’m now staying at my buddy’s place until this thing blows over) and he gave her the money to get the abortion. I haven’t talked to her in almost a week, so it’s pretty safe to say that she has already gone through with it. So my question is, do you think I was being inappropriate for mocking my wife and father in law’s political ideologies, or do you think I’m being unfairly persecuted because of my relative conservatism, and the Obummer joke I made has little to nothing to do with this? I’m thinking the latter.

daisy 5 years ago

I cannot believe people can go out and get an abortion! What the heck is running through their mind?? I was 17 when I got pregnant and I had so many plans in the future and that didn't make me even consider an abortion...yes i felt bad and also good when i found out i was pregnant but i am not IGNORANT enough to go to the extreme of an abortion (that is why ADOPTIONS exist!!!)A am very happy with my baby, and I am completely aware that my baby didn't ask to come into this world. God gave me this wonderful gift maybe earlier than i expected. As to you Chris Cody, I think they presecuted you very unfairly because it wasn't just your wife's decision to have an abortion, especially this far. Sorry but if i were a man and i wasn't ready for a baby and my wife was pregnant 3 months and she decided to kill "our" unborn baby i would have never wasted a second to even look at her. The moment she commited this crime would have been the moment she died for me too. These people don't deserve anything good for themselves. People like the aborters should be in jail for the rest of their worthless lives. I don't care what kind of justifications they try to put as reasons to abort. A new life is the best thing life has for us to get rid of cruel monsters like these.

juan o'callahan 5 years ago

almost all infants at 25 weeks gestation lmp and later are viable.

D&E abortion of infants in the U.S. at 21 through 27 weeks lmp numbers on the order of 20,000 per year. D&X Partial Birth Abortion method was banned by federal law (2003). D&E of the same age infants is not banned. But should be.

someone 5 years ago

I just had a baby almost 8 months ago... a baby i didn't want because i was only 17 years old. Im so happy I had him.. looking at this [in medical assistant schooling] just helps me realize how awful it truly is... how could anyone do something like this to a human who has a brain, heart beat, can feel, depends on hearing YOUR voice and your breathing... its horrible. a year or so ago I would not understand as i do today... right now im just tearing up thinking about it. People need to understand that the baby being aborted is ALIVE. Even though legally its at first breath... it can still feel, hear, in some cases, see.... Would you like to be torn apart piece by piece like that?!! I think not!!!

Wade 5 years ago

Viewer Discretion Advised

T King 5 years ago

Kayla- 'no good reason' you ignorant little fool. Katherine is right, abortion -LTA none the less- isn't something you can nonchalantly request. What about being pro CHOICE not pro DEATH. Pro choice isn't being pro abortion its about supporting the right of a woman to make decisions about her body on her own terms. Just as you have the right to make decisions about your body without the judgement of others. Take a minute out of your pathetic judgmental lives to think about the reasons women might need an abortion. You people are so blinded by your own opinion that you are on about 'babies rights' and 'murdering doctors' and forgetting about a woman with a choice and the god given right to make that decision for herself.

T King 5 years ago

not to mention that this 'technique' is rarely used today.

Debbie Danner 4 years ago

Jeremiah 1:5 ~ Please look it up. All babies are gifts from God! How would you feel today if your mother aborted you? --- you wouldn't be here to feel anything --you wouldn't be alive. May God bless you all!

Hannah 4 years ago

I understand peoples hatred for these abortions, and abortions in general. But I do believe if someone feels so strongly against the child growing inside them, we should not FORCE them to not abort- you will be taking their freedom away from them then. Its a terrible thing, but as Katherine points out, this type of horrible abortion is only as a last case scenario. I don't think anyone WANTS to be in this position, but we shouldn't condemn them.

And Debbie- if my mother had wanted to abort me its obvious she didn't feel like she could be a mother, and if she had felt like that, then I wouldn't of wanted to grow up in a badly parented family- there are enough children being neglected as it is- don't force more of this.

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