Beggars With Guns


I remember when the United States would NOT negotiate with any criminal or terrorist. The official stance of the United States was to not encourage the actions of criminals nor to reward them in any way.

I think that position is not only correct but should be followed by all the civilized nations of the world. It is true that some lives will have to be sacrificed. But in the end criminals will lose and the world will gain through the sacrifice of those unfortunate enough to be caught up in the crime of the criminals.

For well over two decades now the United States has acquiesced to the demands of criminals and terrorists. It is high time we, the American People, demand a government policy of respect and dignity for all American citizens that work and travel all over the globe.

The pirates off the coast of Somalia now have American hostages and plan to demand millions in ransom. Why should we, the American Government, continue to fund these criminals? Is it morally correct to give money to this criminal element fully knowing that said money will be used to purchase weapons and fund a corrupt dictatorship? Moreover, where and when will it end? As long as we continue to give them money they will continue to demand more and more.

Presently we only have three options. 1) Give in to their demands and prepare to continue paying. 2) Protect our ships with deadly force if necessary and ignore the demands. 3) Coordinate with all nations that have an interest in bringing home their countrymen being held hostage and develop a plan to eliminate the pirates.

According to all the information we have available via the news media, we are leaning toward the first option. This has never been a viable option for anyone or any situation. Consider the fact that gunmen holding hostages here in the United States are never given more guns or hostages as part of a negotiated settlement. This policy has worked well in the past and should work well in the future.

As a nation we need to lean heavily to options two or three. By ignoring their demands we in fact starve them into compliance. No money - no guns - no gain; simple as that.

Option three is to invade certain areas of Somalia where the pirates are heavily concentrated and destroy their infrastructure as well as eliminating as many of them as possible.

Options two and three work very well because as our own government intelligence has determined, these pirates are in it for personal gain. They are unwilling to die for a cause that is just a business for them.

We must not let a few cowards that are unwilling to work intimidate us into donating to their wealth. We must set an example for others to follow. Our example has to be strength and convictions above all.


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