Birth and Death: Social vs Biological

hiv positive patient
hiv positive patient

Once we understand the biological birth and death, we can draw conclusions of birth and social death. The social birth may occur before or after their biological namesake.From the moment that a person, even if still in gestation, is to make sense, take the time to another person, we can consider that she has obtained her social birth. The social birth may have its full mechanism in initiation rituals or in the case of companies such as Brazil, with the acquisition of documents that make an individual becomes a citizen of that country, such as ID, voter registration, social security number, etc..
Social death can also occur before or after the biological death. Situations involving cases of prejudice and discrimination can lead to social death and accelerate the biological death of the individual. However, the belief in immortality, the existence of spirits, can eliminate the process of social death.

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