Body Language Explained

Studying body language

In our everyday lives, we make use of body language in order to put across our message, to obtain constructive feedback, as well as to acquire whatever we need. Although we may be oblivious to it, we employ body language constantly. Besides, it is your entire body and not just your mouth that are involved in this language.

Can you even visualize the remarkable power of drawing on it? With this language, you will be capable of recognizing other people's private feelings even though they do not communicate them openly. In addition, you will be in a position to fine-tune your own behavior to adapt to the situation. You will be capable of creating a climate of friendliness and trust. What you cannot do with words, you can achieve with body language.

 Let us look at various body movements/gestures normally made by people in various situations. 

Body language that indicate interest

It is extremely essential to recognize whether people take an interest in what you communicate or else it is simply a wasted effort.

For instance, think of yourself as a chemistry teacher. Now, chemistry was always your favorite subject and therefore you take for granted that your students too feel just the way you do. But do they truly like it? Do you think your teaching skills are sufficiently sharp to kindle their interest? Now unless you understand the various body signals transmitted by your students, you would not understand how they are taking to the subject. And unless you recognize whether gazing constantly with unblinking eyes at you is an indication of interest or a sign of daydreaming, you just will be unable to take the requisite steps to attune yourself to their learning requirements.

Body language examples

The following are some movements displayed by people who evince interest in what you speak:

  • Over sixty percent of the time, they keep eye contact. If a person’s eyes are wide open it indicates interest. A person keeps more eye contact when he listens than when he speaks.
  • They incline their heads forward.
  • They nod their heads. These kinds of movements suggest that they concur with you. This suggests that they are alert and paying attention.
  • Their feet point towards you.
  • They often smile. But bear in mind that not all smiles carry the same meaning. An oblong smile just is not real. It is employed to indicate civility, but not always joy or sociability. The lips are withdrawn fully back from the lower and upper teeth, taking on the oblong form. Generally this is the smile that most people display when they pretend to enjoy a poor joke.

Gestures That Say People Are Amenable To What You Say

When you were just a small kid, have you ever attempted to make out what the facial expressions of your parents indicated when you asked for a new plaything or to be taken on a tour of Disneyland? Now a scowl would most probably indicate “No!” In contrast, a nod tends to make you go head over heels. As you mature, it has become very essential to be capable of perceiving whether other people will be in agreement with your suggestion or decision. This ability will be of immense help to employees, negotiators, and perhaps lovers too in order to do well in their endeavors since they would be capable of adjusting their approach quite early to adapt to a particular situation.

Now there are particular clues to suggest if people are amenable to your proposals. A few of these include:

  • They keep their hands placed flat on the desk.
  • They keep their palms open.
  • If they rub their chin, they are reflecting. They may consent to what you say after due deliberation.

They incline their heads forward.

  • They nod their heads.

They keep their legs spread out.

They smile often.

Their jackets are unbuttoned signifying their openness and keenness to team up with you.

They keep their hands open. This too implies sincerity.

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