Child Pornography - NOT

In Newark Ohio a fifteen year old girl has been charged with manufacturing and distributing child pornographic materials and possession of criminal tools. The District Attorney has said enough of these underage criminals. So the District Attorney has charged her with breaking every law related to child sex crimes. Additionally, those receiving the pornographic material will also be charged.

What did this girl do that is so bad that the District Attorney wants to destroy her life and the life of some of her close friends? The girl took some photos of herself in the nude and sent them to some of her friends. That is all. She did not sell the photos. She did not take pictures of anyone else. She only took pictures of her own body.

What about the criminal tools charge. Well that is the cell phone. It seems that because the cell phone was used and can be used to send pornographic pictures it can now be considered a criminal tool.

Do we live in a police state or what?? This used to be something that the parents handled at home. Charges like these were reserved for the most despicable perverts society has to offer. Do these police and District Attorney have nothing better to do? The community would be well served if they just took the girl along with the pictures and handed both over to the parents.

Think about your adolescent days and while trying not to blush count the times you could have been charged with some sex crime had you been caught. Remember the terms, “necking”, “parking”, “making out”, etc.

Think about how getting charged with a sex crime could have impacted your life. Like having to register as sex offender with your local police every time you move. Like not being able to pass out candy at Halloween because you are a registered sex offender. Not being able to become a teacher or be around kids at all. Like not being able to work where you want because you are branded a sex offender. Like not being able to hang out at the park or anywhere children congregate .

I am not saying that what the girl did is correct. But I do believe that the teenage year are for exploring. The teenage years are for learning not only about the world we live in but also about ourselves. That learning should also include learning about our sexuality.

We need laws to protect our children against perverts. But pray tell me how charging this girl with child pornography protects my child? Is your child safer because this girl was charged with photographing her own nude body?

The truth be told, I think your child is more in danger of the police than this fifteen year old girl.


Pancho Villa - a bleeding heart liberal Revolutionary.

Work with nature - plant a tree for more oxygen and less pollution.

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guest 6 years ago

Bleeding heart Revolutionary - try educating yourself regarding the liberal movement over the last 53 years in USA alone - You'll celebrate the day that you can begin to think and talk sense - maybe you may even begin to cast your ballots more responsibly. Remember, 12 minutes or so of bleeding and you are dead. Perhaps this lack of any fresh blood or oxygen to Liberals heads has been the problem all these years. Take a look at Kegan and I think I have this theory nailed.

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