Congress Is Grandstanding

The new congress has been sworn in and the newly elected politicians are quick to show just how disconnected from reality they really are. Instead of working on the mundane solvable problems that plague the United States they waste our time and resources on grandstanding.

Grandstanding and offering “off the wall” solutions is not what the American public elected them to do. We need solutions not unworkable grandstanding.  We need everyday practical solutions to routine everyday problems.  Not every problem requires a major state of the art solution.  Not all math problems require an Einstein solution.

There are before congress several proposed amendments to the constitution of the United States.  The proposed amendments are unnecessary and, in my opinion, are offered solely for the purpose of grandstanding. 

Our congress in its infinite wisdom has decided that it is far better for our country to debate useless amendments to our constitution and thereby avoid resolving the problem altogether.

There is before congress an amendment to eliminate the citizenship of children born here to illegal parents.  Instead of enforcing the current immigration laws we need to amend the constitution of the United States??

There is before congress an amendment to the constitution of the United States to require a balanced budget.  Instead of working hard to balance the budget by cutting programs, cutting useless foreign aid, cutting congressional perks, we need to amend the constitution to require it???

Why does congress need a law to require them to balance the budget?  Was congress elected to amend the constitution or was it elected to balance the budget? 

In today’s political climate any amendment to our constitution will serve only to limit our future options.  There is no doubt that congress is looking for a scapegoat to blame for their deficiencies. 

When your car runs out of gas you have two options.  Option one is to purchase more gas. Option two is to purchase a new car with a full tank of gas.  Which option do you think congress will choose?


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