Counterterrorism Policy

Counterterrorism Policy

One of the most vital aspects to America’s defense is our counterterrorism programs that are designed to capture terrorists, yield information from them, and to protect innocent civilians from a possible attack. In recent years, America’s policy in this area has been roundly criticized from those abroad and by some within our own country for being too harsh and for violating civil liberties. It is important to remember that our counterterrorism units are putting their lives on the line to protect people and to capture those who wish to do us harm, for that they often do not get our respect.

It is important for our country, and indeed every country, to have a strong counterterrorism program to keep people safe. Our tactics have yielded important leads and prevented further bloodshed. Since September 11th, 2001, our intelligence agencies and law enforcement agencies have stepped up their programs that are designed to locate, apprehend, and interrogate terrorists, in addition to preventing future attacks. They have been quite successful in doing all of the above, specifically preventing future attacks. The tactics used to locate, apprehend, and to interrogate them are those that are the most controversial within the United States government. Tactics used include satellite surveillance, tracing calls, extraordinary rendition, and coercive interrogations. Typically, those of a liberal stripe take offense to the methods that are described above calling them unconstitutional, barbaric, invasive, and illegal. They are not any of those, but rather necessary.

All of the counterterrorism techniques used is essential in handling this grave threat. Terrorists are enemy combatants, not normal criminals, and thus are treated as prisoners captured on the battlefield. They are detained outside of the United States where methods necessary in gathering information can be utilized without interruption from those who get offended by the tactics used. Terrorists are not American citizens, therefore are not afforded the same rights that we are all guaranteed. At the same time, they are also not in the United States so our laws do not apply to them. It seems that people forget that these people are trying to destroy each and every one of us. The longer time goes between attacks, the more people become apathetic and concerned about rights of terrorists. Our men and women who protect us each and every day, including the rights that we have, and they do not need to be accused of violating the sensitivities of a terrorist. We need to maintain a tough stance in the war on terror and having strong counterterrorist programs do just that.

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someonewhoknows 7 years ago from south and west of canada,north of ohio

Just make sure you aren't being led down the primrose path toward Facism or Nazism like hitler with his s.s.They arrested people with little reason except they were told to do it,because it was their job.Not because it was the right thing to do. Just as the military is expected to do.We are no different than other countries militaries and special police forces.Evil is evil no matter who does it ,even your own government.The founding fathers new that,and homeland security,seems to think that they were terrorists.If they were,they must have been terrorists to a different government than ours.The british probably.

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