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earth hour

earth hour
earth hour

Earth Hour

Earth hour is a yearly event on the 27th of march where for one hour 8.30pm - 9.30pm the city's across the world turn of their lights for the hour.

Used to highlight climate change, there is many monuments across the world that take part including the Sydney opera house, the eiffel tower,the London eye, Edinburgh castle.

The idea of the earth hour was originally thought of as a light joke in Australia Sydney in 2007 when over 2 million homes turned off.

the purpose was for Australia to highlight climate change.

It turned into a more popular cause when more countries participated, as well as people and their homes,which caused a huge amount of co2 emission savings.

If you looking to not only make less impact on the environment, then check out some of these environmentally friendly products to buy.

Environmentally friendly light bulbs

Change all the bulbs in our home to Environmentally friendly light bulbs.

This will mean you have saved over 50 tons of CO2 being released.

Did you take part in Earth Hour?

Did you take part in Earth Hour?

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