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I,m gonna throw this out to you all and see what you think. Now we all know that if there's a pot hole in the street that need's to be fixed the tax payer pay's for it if you live in a cold climate like the east like myself salting the roads in the winter (who pay's for it)? The tax payer , on and on and on. What about socialized businesses. O.K. let me brake down my thought for you. Let's say we pick a laundry mat . Something every town need's and it's wholesale and retail values don't change much , in other word's it's cash flow is fairly even flow . You get investor to start the business as it make's money the first thing you do is pay back the investors . You pay your laundry mat attendant and your bill's and all the overhead goes back into a city fund to pay for the everyday thing's every town need's to run properly things like stop sign's where you need them and better lunch program's for the children at school's . Now that was one of my thought's about how to help solve local economic issue's . That's more of a takes money to make money but not really kind of idea. My other thought was about the economy problem nation wide . If you have a small business for example that you want to stay around but won't survive unless they start making more money what do you do? wait for them to go out of business and say ( that's really to bad, I liked that place ), or do you try and purchase there when you can to ensure the stability of that business . You purchase there , well look at it on a larger scale . supply and demand are what create a stability within the job structure if there is no demand than supply has to be cut back to ensure the survival of the business, so as American's having major trouble lately, does it make sense to buy product's that aren't made in the u.s.a. ? I'm not saying we should boycott other companies or anything like that. All I'm saying is to take a closer look at how much you spend a year on various thing's and to make an effort so at least 25% of that spending is on American made product . And let me tell you it's getting harder and harder to find them and it shouldn't be that way. O.K. for example if you know sometime next year your going to have to replace your coffee maker make a point to buy an American made coffee maker , if the one you want is made in china but that's the one you want well then cool pick something else just make the commitment to direct 25% of spending on American made product's . If you help the demand aspect of retail in America that the only place for supply to go is up and out , expansion of business = job's = money this is my new diary to the world , til my next diary entry this is penny a good witch from the East think pleasant thought's about a good tomorrow for a list of American made product's

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