Election 2016 Preview: What Role Will Homeland Security Issue Play?

Who You Going to Call? The Department of Homeland Security

As the 2016 election for the President of the United States creeps ever closer, voters are beginning to bone up on the candidates. With a host of homegrown and foreign-born threats for US citizens to worry about, many Americans will be weighing heavily each candidate's position on homeland security.

The Department of Homeland Security's purview is vast and growing all of the time. Like the Ghost Busters, there're always there when you need them. Name the disaster or horrific event; chances are that the DHS will be called. They handle security operations dealing with:

  • International organized crime
  • Counter terrorism
  • Acts of God- tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, etc
  • Oil spills
  • Transportation and infrastructure
  • Cyber crime
  • Immigration

The DHS has provided Americans with an improved outlook on their and the country's relative safety and well being. In the wake of over a decade of terrorism and war, that sense of being protected is no small feat. Though lately that feeling of security has been somewhat shaken due to a double-whammy of sorts.

Each party will focus heavily on registering as many friendly voters for their party's candidate as possible.

Your opinion will go unheeded unless you register to vote.
Your opinion will go unheeded unless you register to vote. | Source

Heads Roll at Transportation Security Administration Thanks to Poor Results in Security Investigation

That happened when a DHS confidential investigation uncovered the terrible state of security precautions at the nation's airports. DHS found the skies to be way too friendly for possible terrorists looking to wreak havoc upon commercial airline traffic.

To compound the agency's difficulties, the classified results of the study were promptly leaked to the press. Thus giving the department a very public black eye. How the different candidates from each party respond to and deploy their talking points around these issues hovering over homeland security and its relation to their constituents will only be revealed in the coming weeks and months leading up to the election on Tuesday November eighth.

Who will be the republican presidential candidate in 2016?

We know that Hillary is a virtual lock. But who will be her Republican counterpart?

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2016 Presidential Election: Tale of Two Venerable Political Clans

Clinton or Bush? The two names have risen almost side by side to become as synonymous to American presidential politics as Coke and Pepsi is to soft drinks. The two premiere political families of the twenty-first century will once again take center stage at the 2016 Democratic and Republican presidential conventions.

Of the two candidates, Clinton or Bush, Jeb Bush --the brother of the most recent Republican president George W. Bush, and son of the forty-first President H.W. Bush-- boasts a great deal more name recognition than real world political experience.

Hillary's other Democratic opponents? not worth mentioning.

Clinton's biggest Democratic question mark may be how Barack Obama's presidency reflects upon her as a fellow Democrat and former member of his cabinet.

Join the discussion on selecting the nation's next president.

Don't be content to sit on the sidelines. Help your candidate win the day in 2016.
Don't be content to sit on the sidelines. Help your candidate win the day in 2016.

Hillary Rodham Clinton: Impressive Resume

Back during the 2008 qualifying heats to determine the Democratic party's presidential nominees, for a time it appeared that Hillary Clinton was on her way to becoming the first female ever to garner such an honor. But then came a little known (to most of the nation) Senator out of Illinois to disrupt her campaign.

After eight years in the White House, Barack Obama is no longer a direct obstacle to Hillary's election as the Democratic nominee in 2016. Unless of course Obama decides to endorse another candidate, possibly Vice President Joe Biden.

Hillary for her part boasts experience that no other candidate before her can claim. As a two-time First Lady, she's been there and had eight years to get the lay of the White House land. Hillary's also been a United States Senator representing New York and the US Secretary of State under Obama. Clinton's stint at that top cabinet post was most likely her reward for handing over her precious delegates on a proverbial silver platter when it became obvious that Barack was the man of the hour.

Jeb Bush: All in the Family

Jeb Bush --whose only official political experience is working for a decade in the state government of Florida-- may lack the familiarity to the goings on of the Washington DC high society that Hillary exudes. But he also has less skeletons in the closet. There will be no shortage of such ammo for the potential third Bush to call the White House home to use in debates and other such political sorties against Clinton.

Whether it's nepotism given to Tony Rodham or security flaws during her term as Secretary of State, Jeb could well make it to the White House on name recognition and the devoted party line voters of the Red States alone. Back in February 2015 Jeb went on record as opposed to deportation relief for undocumented and/or illegal aliens. In the end the outcome of the election may well hinge upon factors having nothing to do with the Clinton-Bush Dynamic.

But instead may rest upon the results of the Republican primaries. That's where, unlike Hillary, Jeb faces some serious competition.

Who will get to ride in the presidential jet next?

For all of the headaches, the job doesn't pay that great. But oh those perks!
For all of the headaches, the job doesn't pay that great. But oh those perks!

Wide Field of Republican Candidates for 2016

Donald Trump to Democrats and Republicans: You're Fired!

For those that believe an entertainment personality like Donald Trump could never make it into the White House, they need only consider two words; Ronald Reagan. He and also Ross Perot proved sometime ago that a political neophyte can seriously contend for the oval office.

Trump opposes Bush on immigration, a topic that will be center stage in 2016 with Latino's tired of being a political football on the issue. They have made great progress in placing the issue before more and more lawmakers. The success of their political goals on immigration and the fate of the millions of undocumented immigrants already in the US will ride on how well they can motivate qualified Hispanic citizens to register to vote and how many exercise that privilege.

US State Senator Texas Ted Cruz:

As chairman of key Senate committees and a veteran of the George W. Bush administration, Ted Cruz has gradually built a big name for himself in Washington politics. He is seeking to capitalize on that and punch his ticket for the presidency. As Senator of a border state he is right atop the immigration issue.

Cruz is bullish on funding the DHS. An endorsement by Jeb Bush's own son aside, pundits are citing Cruz's lack of support in the Spanish speaking community as an indication of his uphill battle for any realistic election day success.

Onetime Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee

In almost every presidential election one or more candidates are caused to drop out due to some indiscretion or another. Huckabee may never rise again from his callous transgender joke to a national religious organization. That's not the only example of Huckabee's lack of empathy.

He also compared undocumented immigrants to dogs when discussing border security. For a presidential candidate, his web presence other than the above is weak.

Marco Rubio: One Term Wonder

Will voters elect a freshman Senator to the highest office in the land? With so many charismatic candidates, surprises are the only sure thing that the Republican primaries will produce.

Unfortunately the crowded field of Republican presidential candidates precludes a more in-depth examination of them here.

Be Sure to Honor America by Registering to Vote

Americans cherish their freedom and the hard won right to vote in the 2016 Presidential Election. So honor the founding fathers and vote for your choice of who will be the president.

Will it be Coke, Pepsi or...?

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