Excellences of Salman Taseer Governor of Punjab

Excellences of Salman Taseer Governor of Punjab

I must put my pen to paper to uphold justice. I must pick pen to condemn nuances. I must reveal realities, infuse morality and remind of dictions to the way gone tongue lashing politicians, sneering to snatch and grab and befool and rule. I am though but a fistful of dust, but I am an Amr – a command of God ordained to rise to claim of my services and God is that Who promises just and fair evaluation. And I must proclaim of God’s will as best as the power is placed in man to do.

I love the land of Punjab and its evenings and mornings and the midday, but not the bitterness and the rudeness on its soil as toned by the ruling politicians. Rana Sanaullah of Punjab is the Law Minister and a prominent of the PML-N. He says about the Honourable Salman Taseer Governor of Punjab, ‘he will be arrested if he dares fly kite on Basant (2010) in Lahore’. The dreary government of Punjab banned kite flying on Basant and Salman Taseer was for it. This Minister with no holds on his abusive tongue and a display of sarcasm, arrogance and outlandish talk is annoying to the gentry of Punjab and he is pulling down politics of Punjab to levels of degradation not thought of to be done by a politician. He says: ‘He (Salman Taseer) can run on the streets of Lahore tearing his clothes but he will not be given car he is asking for.’ He next comes to London and on the 2nd of July 2010, says; ‘Salman Taseer (Governor of Punjab) and Rahman Malik (Interior Minister of Pakistan), are jokers, they are propagandists, deceiving the west.’ – Jang news. This he says in his supposed to be meeting with the Home Secretary of Great Britain.

These gibes from a secondary servant to his superiors are a violation on many counts. This was because his father was not a PhD, as was of Governor Salman Taseer's against whom he has the greater grudge and it was because Rana Sanaullah’s professional status was lower and less prominent in social standing to that of Salman Taseer. And it was because he cared little of God Who forbids such talks, Aayet 2.205 says..... Wallaho La Yuhibbul Fasad - God does not like quarrel making.

Governor Salman Taseer had asked for a bullet proof car out of the fifteen or so on running duty and standing waiting for the Chief Minister and his entourage. But they had to be PML- N men not a Salman Taseer, who was a PPP man to be allocated a car of that specification. It is not that Salman Taseer cannot afford a bullet proof car on his own account. One gets a pleasant surprise to know what a business magnet Salman Taseer is and how he tore apart all the inhibition trying to hold him back and made an empire of throbbing businessesin Pakistan, good for him and God bless him. And he is entrepreneur of more business ventures than can easily be ignored. And then the literariness of Salman Taseer is vouched; he is son of litterateur father and nephew of the highest calibre poet, Faiz Ahmad Faiz, and his innocent might of the wit of the replies gemmed to the point and within the framework of decency need praises. What a fun to listen to his talk, ask the learners who enjoy and learn the art of speaking.

Salman Taseer is a modernist, and the PML-N politicians want to be conservative but are neither religious nor moralists. Rana Sanaullah parades the streetsof Lahore with the banned Sipah-e Sahaba terrorists who have a record of murder of innocent Shias and he and his party violate the first principle of Parhezgari – the abstinences, through their tongue lashing and each one of them so. Benazir Bhutto called Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan the present leader of the opposition in parliament, the ace man of the PML –N, ‘this little man’. He every third day is taken over by fits and showers the National Assembly with his sarcasm and diatribe, demanding midterm election. Abid Sher Ali of PML-N on 27th of November uses abusive tongue and calls government sitting cabinet minister ‘Bud Tameez’ in the Kashif Abbasi TV talk show. This is what the PML- N is composed of. They won in Punjab from out of 44.5 million voters a slim majority. For every 100 vote for PPP, 132.5 votes were won by the PML -N, and 86 votes by the PML- Q. Not so very great a difference, but the expediency demanded the PML-N form the Punjab Government and once they held the driving seat, they started issuing abuses unchecked. No federated states of Pakistan can stop them and that is the flaw in democracy. Is there no ethical bind in democracy to disallow fling abuses on the rival?

The PML-N in their hay making days raided on the Supreme Court of Pakistan to punish the Chief Justice and could only beat up a lawyer thorough, and bash brief case on the head of the CJ. They made a constitutional coup by sacking the C-in-C of the country when he was in mid air and they thought there in was a convenient swap with the ISI chief, who got arrested. They tried to introduce Ameerul Momeneen cult in the politics of Pakistan to make Nawaz Sharif the number one in this trade and they failed. And whereas they took the name of Quaed-e Azam’s Muslim League, but his version of rule was a Muslim State where Hindus, Christian, Jews, Muslims could rule each other amicablywhich is a swear word for them.This is due to the reflection of the faith deficit with them.

The essence of the civilization was tolerance and appreciation and the march forward on the road of Ijtehad – the research and a review of faith if the guidance originating to guide the Fiqah was not authentic. No student Imam has the divine capacity to authenticate and write a Fiqah; all the same, since the political expediency demanded that it be protected by the regimes, it was protected by the Abbasid and practiced and it has been retarding progress of the Sunni School of the religious followers ever since for twelve hundred years.

The development of the mindset of the Heads of the PML-N - the two Sharif Brothers, made them vacate Punjab not to give reception to the President of the Federation of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari also to convey to him that he was not welcome in Punjab, but his errand was: ‘I came, I saw, I conquered.’ When he visited the Province, he established his oneness through multi languages he speaks. And the two top notches violated the unwritten law of the federated provinces to show allegiance to the federation, they shirked in their duty to give protocol to the President of the federation and so much so that not one minister of PML –N of any standing went to receive the President. And this was a repeat performance. The first time Nawaz Sharif had done that was with Benazir Bhutto when she came to the Province as the Right Honourable Prime Minister of the country.

The quote of Julius Caesar the General and Statesman is: ‘I love the name of honour more than I fear death.’ But here in Punjab they demonstrated they feared death more than they loved honour and abandoned the land numerously to run from death, only the suicide bombers of this soil were different, they were blowing them terminating their lives because they had a darker nature and were ignorant. But they, the conscious politicians of the PML –N are a black mark in the politics of Pakistan and their failure rate is numerous and frequent, which is heightened by hate and hypocrisy. However their claim of successes is wide and repetitious and the glaring in default is the tax payment of the Chief of the PML –N. He pays a tax of five thousand Rupees when he stacks wealth, buildings and businesses.

They are fighting and taunting and defeating the forces of reason, barricading the path, to let Pervez Musharraf come back, and they would dream of to put him on trial for treason. But treason it was that the Chief Minister of Punjab Shahbaz Sharif and the Law Minister of Punjab Rana Sanaullah roamed with and escorted around the terrorists in Punjab. And when a catch and haul of ammunition was made in Raiwind on the 27th of June, which the terrorist stockist was to supply to the terrorists, its press release was reframed on the morning of 28th of June to moderate the intensity of the crime. And they hoodwink and do not admit the extent to which degree the province has waded in terrorism. If Engineers qualified from the institutions in Punjab, enter in the field of terrorism and are behind the attack on the mosque of the Ahmadis, this is the height of bankruptcy in ethics and morality and the extent of the mileage towards hypocrisy taking them into the heretic world. Has the institution issuing the degree to these wayward engineers cancelled their degree? Has an investigation been made into it whether further engineers who will come out from there will not have the same notions of deprecated morality. Punjab is slipping down the pathway to decadence especially so since the PML- N government has taken hold of the reign of government.

The sublimity of fair politics was beyond the politics that the PML- N politician is playing. The President of France, the charming General Charles de Gaulle, laid the constitution of the fifth republic of France and had an independent policy from the USA and he said about the politician that definitely cuts on the Punjab politicians of the PML –N, rebuffing them befittingly: ‘Politics is too serious a matter to be left for the politicians.' He must have vision of the PML-N like politicians when he said that.

General Pervez Musharraf did many things right and one of them most right was the introduction of the degree condition for qualifying to hold status of an MNA or an MPA. This was to check the falling standard of the parliamentary sittings, and legislate wisely and raise the standard of the country, and give spur to education but this law was circumvented by producing fake degrees. And the election commission who are the sharp sickle to cut out weed and are the weighing balance to reject violators and bring in moralist to practice morals in parliament, ignored to vet the degree and did not ask to attach a certificate of verification from the institution issuing the degree. And this suggests a great conspiracy is always afoot in the country.However now be it so, the election commission get the authorisation to confirm the degrees they have accepted. And a person always seen snubbing conspiracies is Governor Salman Taseer of Punjab and if ever a person was to be praised for his unflinching, correct and bold politics in the sea of the abusers and the mud slingers in Punjab, it was Governor Punjab Salman Taseer. And what a smiling face he has.

President Zardari likes him for these assets and so does our ex President Pervez Musharraf and so does Sonia Gandhi, whose witness and facilitator he was in her marriage to Rajiv Gandhi and Governor Salman Taseer is a bridge between them. And who does not like the learned and the educated, only not the paupers of etiquettes and of no manners. And if ever the Chartered accountants wanted their ideal and hero they have to find him in the picture of Governor Salman Taseer. His journalist son reveals of a lapse in his father and says his father drinks whisky every evening. Really, he should have hidden his father’s weakness. But since he has been lavish in negligence towards a son’s duty to a father, I the writer is going to deploy pen to defend his father?

Haroonul Rashid was Caliph in Baghdad; he obtained a Fatwa from the Mufti that said, ‘Sharab - the liquor was Halal for him because that was his necessity.’ Similarly to legitimise his rule General Ziaul Haque got the judiciary to pass the Law of Necessity for him. He legitimised his rule as Halal but he had a bad tongue and he was a terror and when in power he created sibling who took to suicide bombing. And Salman Taseer did not get a Fatwa like of Haroonul Rashid under the law of necessity,or got the judiciary to pass the judgement of the law of necessity, but he had a sweet tongue that was his defender.

In the kingdom of God the good act of ‘think right and do right’ was enough to hike the incumbent to distinction. However, the reminders of God’s majesty were the Aayetullah, and if they were followed the incumbent was free of whisky, but in all cases, the think right and do right man was more humane than the Aabid standing for prayer with continuous Rakats offered, whose Niyat was wavering and wandering in the pastures of world for worldly comfort and he was better than the Maulana at large who condoned the terrorist act and better than the so called Aalim who found ‘some justification for terrorism in Quran’ (refer to Dr Israr Ahmad in TV discussion). And better than the writer[1] who propagates, ‘suicide bombing in self defence is martyrdom’.

In Aayet 2.219 God says of Sharab: ‘They ask you about Sharab and games of chance; tell them, its beneficence is less than its big sin.................’ And there is no doubt God is hard on Shirk – any alluding of duality with God and soft on Sharab.

Sir Winston Churchill won the 1953 Nobel Prize in literature for his many books in Alcoholism. He never went to college and retained an unshared, unmolested a style. And some of the finest and the fastest dictated literature to his secretary that Churchill has produced was when he was drenched in wine and the greatest in piety have emerged for their generations staying from the beginning aloof of Sharab. And it was certain of the puritans, no Aayetullah could be produced and no revolution in Iran could come if the Momin went near the Sharab.

However God speaks of some beneficence of Sharab, and it is amusing, Churchill’s private secretary Phyllis Moir says: “Mr Churchill enjoys drink. I have noticed that it seems to renew his strength and energy: it brings a sparkle in his eye and added fire to his manner. “You can’t make a good speech on iced water” I have often heard him say.” And Ghalib took Sharab-e Nab - the Badah, pure wine and said verses of that piety that Aayetullah quote them from the Menmbers – the pious symbolic address chair of the Prophet SAWW. Poet Ghalib's gnosis says:

Woh Shahenshah Keh Jis Kay Paa- ay Tamee-ray Sara
Chashmay Jibreel Hoo-ee Qaalibey Khisht-ay Deewar
Khakay Sehra-ay Najaf Jauharay Saair-ay Arfa
Chashmay Naqshay Qadam Aa-eena-ay Bakhtay Beydar

It is difficult to translate the high, high thoughts sewn in these verses, however here is what it may mean:

That Emperor, for the construction of whose palace
The Eyes of Gibril became the heart of the bricks of the wall
The dust of the desert of Najaf is the gist of the pilgrimage to Arafat

The outline of the footprint (of Ali) is the path marker for the fortunate awake

Therefore the duty of the sublimity and the call of rationality are to protect Ghalib for his vision and for his bringing in cultural stimulation, leading to anelated mind. And then eulogising an Aayetullah for his abstinences and his God virtue and then praise and protect Churchill for his literariness and his individuality influencing the world, leading it to better ends. The total, blanket rejection of Sharab is detached from reality and a far thing and is not indicated in the Quran, but the interpretation of Quran by the Aalim does make it so and prohibits it as a Haram commodity. But that is rather a detached bleed off and is not that serious a sin when one was cluttered up with Sharab, than one who entered in Shirk and hypocrisy, and trampled justice, denigrating someone down in hate, or doing violations of indecency running flat out for elbowing another from power and creating a road for hispower mongering. And this we see in the modern day politics in Pakistan of the extreme right parties and the journalists drenched in hate and smite with their minds toned in with the Talebenization Sharab - addiction and the judiciary rather than doing justice playing politics.

Hazrat Hamza bin Abdul Muttalib would take Khamr, but when he embraced Islam and laid down his life in its service in the battle of Ohad, he was titled Shaheedus Shuheda though he continued to drink in Madina till its prohibition. So Sharab did not stop a quiet return to sublimity, it was only a sinful corrupt mind which prohibited the incumbent attaining any salvation and grace in the Hereafter as we see of Yazid or his father Muawiya, who had wilfully murdered Sahabis for worldly power and a hold on the people and they suffered ignominy and disgrace . So if God does not do blanket condemnation of Sharab and leaves the matter for men to choose between a Churchill and an Aayetullah or a Ghalib, why should the little man bother his head. But one thing was certain; man when given his freedom of rational choice, chose to be Aayetullah and take his path.

Frances Guy was British Ambassador in Lebanon in 2008. She created occasions to go to meet Grand Aayetullah Mohammad Husain Fadlallah and she said: ‘Their meeting was experience that left you feeling a better person ...........the world needs more people like him’. Aayetullah Fadlallah died in Beirut on 4 July 2010; he was born in Najaf-e Ashraf in 1935. He was Noori al Maliki’s governing Dawa Party’s religious guide till to the last he breathed. He was one of the founders of the party when he was in Najaf-e Ashraf.  And his piousness speaks out from his self speaking being, but he was branded a terrorist by the Americans and the Israelites, whereas we see the multitude thronging in his last journey to the burial ground, were not seen in Lebanon in such strength ever before in its history and this was not a burial of a terrorist but of a Godly person.  Aayetullah Fadlallah was declared a terrorist because he wielded political power not compatible to the West, so was declared Sayyed Hassan Nasrullah and his Hezbollah organization. 

Where does it lead us; let talents pool and work done which has to be done. The flimsy excuse of the Lal Masjid desecrated by Pervez Musharraf let it be dropped, they were harbourers of terrorists and the place was a dump of ammunitions to raid on the country, and they raised an army of women in black Burqa with stick in their hands, displaying their new found might from the roof of the Masjid. This was a new cult in the tradition of the country, and he demolished this waywardness and let him be recognised for his services and decorated with the bestowal of the God’s order. He even had a go at Kargil! Can India blame him for this game? They were caught napping and the kite fliers do not nap otherwise their kite is cut - snapped from their link. Or was it like the bride all in resplendent embellishment, ready and waiting for a bridegroom to come and take her away. Or was it like the prize draw and the contestant won the prize. And as of the sacrifice of men, in the errand, Napoleon gave the answer. He told Metternich that he did not care if a million men were killed if he achieved his objective. So there should be no talk of men sacrificed what are men for except to be sacrificed for good cause.

Pakistan made miscalculations in the East Pakistan and the Hazara aristocrat General Agha Khan lost its prestigious bit and this time the bold General was out to get back a piece of it but he was disallowed by the weak policy of Nawaz Sharif, pressure of the USA and some logistic difficulties to maintain the capture and the Prime Minister returned Kargil to India meekly without any bargaining and set out to blaming the General.

The only time Pervez Musharraf failed was when he failed. He failed to protect Benazir, but it is true the death angel came with the garland of martyrdom holding it in his hand for her and she stood in her car to receive him and her head was jutting out for it. And Musharraf was so much in the dip of knowledge what was happening that he would not know of the ISI Major General who barged in the Operating Room of the hospital to dictate Professor Mussadeq and to the Doctors to modify their report on the cause of the death. The murder of Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto was a deep conspiracy where laser guided bullet was used for her assassination and air surveillance was necessary on these occasions, which was missing.

But all outcomes are the cohesions of the pooled efforts. If the positiveness was greater than the negativeness and protection and wholesome advice was there, the death was a post-haste it could be postponed. God with Tadbeer – the measures taken, changes the destined to take place at a shifted date. Moments in individual’s life may come when their own assessments and calculations may not be as brilliant, and the collective thinking and help may ward off any lingering harm, likely to hurt the individual and this was the law of cause and effect and God did not interfere in its course. But the destined He had prearranged was to take place exactly as destined, only the ordain was shifted.

And how logical and helpful was God, when intellect of the individual failed, He SWT asked men to make consultation, and if a consensus opinion was not available, He SWT advised to take advice from Him through Istekhara – follow God’s recommendation, and that was the ultimate. And the Shia insight into the Istekhara was final. The Muslims of all class and sects should not be shy to go to them for their Istekharas. They were the greatest surgeons of precision.

His lapse or lack of grasp on the fast moving events aside, but Pervez Musharraf was right about controlled judiciary. The track record of the judiciary is marred with clangers and sinful judgements, and this does not vouch give them complete freedom. They should only work as slave of justice and no more. They are tempted when vested with power and grandeur by the lure of ethnicity, clan consideration and Chamak (in the words of Benazir Bhutto). Their job is to give justice within the frame work of constitution and the norms of the society, and they may claim not for reverences and privileges more than the surgeon using his surgical knife with precision to carve out the maligner. They should act as judicial Qazis working on contract and paid for each thorough judgement they cast and then they should fold their coat and be sent to buy vegetables. But look what the power hungry judiciary is doing to the country. It is keeping it on the frying pan all the time and over frying it.

They want the President to be tried in foreign country and worst still, come to the Chief Justice like a thief seeking immunity and a temporary forgiveness! What travesty, what tragedy, one is the sovereign representing the free people and the other the ladder climber. But when power moves in the hands of undeserving there is disaster and tragedy. The science of face reading says any one with Aaib – a defect on his face cannot give justice. There are two judges in Pakistan who should not be vested with the onerous task of giving justice, they cannot give justice. One is Chaudhari Iftekhar Mohammad and the other is Khwaja Mohammad Sharif of the Punjab High Court both are Aaibi, one has a differential eye fitted on his face and the other has his mouth pulled on to one side on his face. If for sincerity, the interest of the country was in front of the Judiciary, they would set up an independent commission to thoroughly investigate the case of President Asif Ali Zardari and the proceedings made public. Let the masses reject or accept but not the verdict of a biased judiciary imposed on the public.

Governor Taseer is an asset of the country, a role model to be followed for his soft speaking and his cutting logic and his pertinent answers and his achievements as businessman, his literary capability and his charm as man and his even keeling the politics of Punjab. Let Rana Sanaullah and the PML -N not be confused that the people do not know what is what in the country. Wattaqullaaha Walamuu Annakum Mulaaqooh...... – And fear Allah and know that ye will meet Him.........

[1] Yamin Zakarya writes in his book ‘Suicide Bombing’.

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Shahid Bukhari profile image

Shahid Bukhari 5 years ago from My Awareness in Being.

Dear Athar Husain Saheb

I read your fairly extensive Hub about (now deceased) Salman Taseer ... in addressing the state of Pakistan's Politics, and Politicians ... vis a vis Islamic Fiqh.

But since I am reading you in February, 2011 ... a lot of things have changed, in that many of your referred Chapters now stand closed ... as Terror, sponsored by anti- Pakistan elements, reigns supreme ... and we, as if dreaming, remain oblivious of the main Issues facing Pakistan.

Since I have nothing to do with Politics... I will straightaway come to the point of Islamic Fiqh ... hoping, you will devote some of your time and energies to studying and writing about Islamic Jusrprudence.

To help you start with the proposed Study ... Let me assist you with a bit of Direction related Guidance ...

Islamic Sharia is the Derivate of Fiqh ... and Fiqh is the Interpretation of The Law.

As per Quran and Sunnah, the Islamic Law, or The Law, is Derived from the Following Five Sources.

1. Al Quran

2. The Sunnah

3. Ijma ... Ummah's Consensus.

4. Qayas ... Collective or the Individual's Assumption

5. Necessity.

Necessity, is surprisingly, ignored by our present Islamic Jurists, and accepted with some reservations, as the Fifth Source ... if ... drawn from the First Four Sources.

Though, in the sense of the Applied, the very need to Interpret Law, into Practices, makes Necessity, the Cause of all Fiqh ...

Our Courts follow the Secular version of Necessity, in Law ... because, the Courts in an Islamic Pakistan ... are

supposed to remain the dispensers of "Secular" Justice !

Good luck


Syed Hasan Shahid Bukhari

1st February 2011

Dubai. UAE

SayedAthar Husain profile image

SayedAthar Husain 5 years ago from London Author

Dear Shahid Bukhari Sahib,

Sorry to have been late in replying to your comment. I did not see till very late.Thank you for your excellent proposal. Fiqah is the subject of the perfect learned, of total understanding and with their overlapping reviews of the issuences by the Ijma - the preceding Faqeeh with their intellectual opinions at par excellence.

Our Imam Jafar Sadiq Als in whose studentship Imam Abu Hanifa had entered in, had forbidden Imam Abu Hanifa to use Qias in Fiqha. Instead intellect had to be used and Fiqhi precepts for practice drawn on the basis of intellectualism. Then one has to have the thorough knowledge of Quran and the Sunnat. If ever I reach to even a fraction nearer to it I will dare take up this subject.

Shahid bukhari 5 years ago

Imaam Jafar, the Truthful ... Salaam be upon him, never meant that his pupils, abstain from, Ijtehaad ... which would imply, all those, following The Book, should abstain from Ijtehaad, thus, Jihaad.

The Imaam's Instruction, forbids Qias ... when Muhkamaat are present ... and means "Do not Interpret, by giving New Meanings, when The Law, Is Clear, by relying on Muteshabehaat."

To help you Start your Restudy of Quran, Start the Effort ... Jihaad ... as one of the Farz of Islam ... The Principle of Ijtehaad is Indicated in Ayat 5, Chapter 3, Titled "Sura Nisa" Stating ...

"He Is, Who Hath Revealed The Book to thee ... Some of the Ayaat are the Firm Basis, these are The Law, and latter, are Allegorical ... then in whose hearts is doubt, follow the Allegorical Examples, and call it, the Law" ...

Read till you understand the Meanings The Word ... Translated. You will understand what, Imaam e Sadiq meant.

And regarding, distinguishing The Law ... Meaning, Truth from the Allegorical ... is something Meant to be Done, by the individual ... And the Key to Distinguishing Truth from Fallacious Understanding, Is ...

"Jo Baat Haq per Mauqoof ho, woh min Janib Allah Hai... degar batein, wsawasa e shaitaan hein "

I hope these two guidelines will assist your new study of Islam.

SayedAthar Husain profile image

SayedAthar Husain 5 years ago from London Author

My dear Bukhari Sahib,

Imam Jafar Sadiq Als did not stop Ijtehad as you are saying, but he definitely forbid Imam Abu Hanifa to use Qias.

Ijtehad was stopped in the Sunni schools of jurisprudence after Imam Ghazali raised capaign against the western philosophers that their premises not be followed by the Muslims. The Ijtihad to some degree has restarted in the Sunni world recently.

In my book, The Land of Seasons and Songs I have raised the issue that Hazrat Umar Ibn al Khattab, refused to give ink and pen to the Prophet SAWW when he asked for it a few days before his Wesal. He called the Prophet SAWW: 'He is in Hizyan' and I am on Haque in criticising Hazrat Umar. but my Sunni friends are furious at it. I take it according to your beliefs you will support me and condemn Hazrat Umar.

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