Was the Moon Landing Faked?

On 20 July 1969 man worked on the moon? Or did he, ask those that believe that the moon landing conspiracy and that the landings were faked. That just intrigues me - how can intelligent people dismiss humanities greatest achievement - as a fake? After all it was just Buzz Aldrin and Neal Armstrong, but a total of 12 men walked on the moon between the first lunar landing with Apollo 11 in 1969 and the final landing of Apollo 17 in 1972?

But why are there people, mainly in the US and Cuba who believe that the entire Apollo mission was somehow faked? Well the Cuba one is easy - its taught in school, according to Wikipedia! Castro faced down the American's during the Cuban missile crises - the moon landings were the biggest American win of the cold war. Cuba is in denial - and will be until the regime there moves on.

The American's who consider the Moon landings a hoax I find a lot harder to understand.
The politics of the time are easy to understand - after all the reason that man walked on the moon is quite straightforward - the USSR/US Cold War which was at its height in the 1960s.

John F Kennedy declared that "we will walk on the moon before the end of the decade" not to advance science and technology, though both happened, not to feed the human need to explore "strange new worlds", though it did. Kennedy didn't want men on the moon - he wanted American men on the moon - and before the Russians - and he won, pure and simple. (Oh and no I am not being sexist - this was all about men on the moon, not women, gays, Hispanics or blacks - white American men - the minimum requirement was to be a USAF test pilot - guess how many non white men were in that elite corps?).

Moon Landing Conspiracy - Just Another One?

America is the home I think of conspiracy theories - well in the free world anyway. I imagine a lot of Russians doubt that American's walked on the moon- but you can understand that from a propaganda point of view.

But why do Americans have so little trust in their own government? Don't get me wrong I don't trust my government either - particularly when they say I have to pay higher taxes! But this is at a different level entirely. There are plenty of Americans who believe in Creationism, UFO's, American GI's still captive in Vietnam and Global Warming - so its not like they don't have faith! So why argue about the reality that man walked on the moon?

There are many billions of electrons wasted in the spurious arguments of those who think the moon landings were faked. I am not rehashing them here - I've linked to the authoritative sites, but reading those sites the common thread appeared to be a basic lack of scientific knowledge and physics - being off Earth changes everything - and people have problems with their world view being challenged.

Moon Landing Hoax? The World Changed - Catch Up!

Perhaps its just so far away from reality of the day-to-day that's its too hard to understand? The early Portuguese and Spanish explorers had problems with mutinies - because crews thought they were being sent to their deaths because the world was flat and if you sailed to far west they would fall off it.

The pioneers of physics were persecuted and ridiculed because the said the earth moved around the sun instead of being in the centre of the universe with the sun and stars rotating around it!

You do believe that the world is round and that the sun rotates around it? Why - because you have flown all around the world? I have, but not everyone has - but I'm yet to see any conspiracy that says the world really is flat - or am I missing something? There doesn't even seem to be a debate that the earth moves around the sun - but have you been to the sun - are you sure?

Did We Land On the Moon in 1969?

Yes we did - for me there are two absolutely definitive pieces of proof:
12 men in total have walked on the moon - some of them have since died - not one of home has ever been confused about whether they left the Earth or not!
Moon rocks - OK I am a geologist - but the analysis of the lunar rock specimens, undertaken around the world, not just at NASA or even US research organizations, are definitely and distinctive composition than any terrestrial rock that has been analysed.

Why Are the Lunar Landings Humanities Single Biggest Accomplishment?

Because we are explorers as a race - human societies who look inwards eventually stagnate and fail - think China in the nineteenth century or Russia in the same time period. The societies that succeed are the ones that "boldly going where no man has gone before" Portuguese exploration of the world in the 1500's, the development of the British, French and Dutch Empires. The exploration by English of new continents which saw the development of the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

I don't think that spirit of exploration is dead, yet, but it seems sadly lacking in recent years. We haven't been back to the moon in 40 years for a very simple reason - we haven't wanted to enough. We haven't had the desire to go and pay for the missions to go. But the spirit lives on - we still flock to movies such as Star Trek 11 - maybe there is hope - I hope so. Meanwhile I have to go back to work - I need a bigger than average retirement fund to pay for my seat on the first commercial moon flight!

Did Nasa Fake the Apollo Moon Landings?

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jazzuboo profile image

jazzuboo 7 years ago from Queensland, Australia

More importantly, if they did walk on the moon, how did they get all that cheese off their moonboots?

Lissie profile image

Lissie 7 years ago from New Zealand Author

Actually Jazz the dust prooved to big problem and was one of the biggest issues prior to landing as they were unsure about how stable the surface would be. Most of the original dust data is actually held here in Perth - one of the original researchers moved to WA and brought the data with him. They are currently working on rebuilding a 1960's era tape drive to read the data off - its sound like it has never been properly analysed - your laptop has much more computing power than Mission Controls computers had!

The cheese - maybe that's a different hub LOL

d.wep 7 years ago

I think that it would be harder for NASA to fake a moon landing than to actually go there. All the experts agree that we went thier (scientists etc)...the ones that think its a hoax are usually news sites trying to get attention. 20% of America thinks its a hoax. out of those 20% how many do you think got into advanced math like trig and physics?

JL Palmetto 7 years ago

Interesting that we're debating all this at the annirversary of the flight, or the not-flight (whichever you believe LOL!!).

Lissie profile image

Lissie 7 years ago from New Zealand Author

I totally agree dwep - I think many younger people don't even realise just how primitive the technology at the time was - try watching some 1960's movies to understand how difficult special effects were before CGI and digital media were developed LOL Model building anyone!

Lissie profile image

Lissie 7 years ago from New Zealand Author

@JL - its no coincidence - I imagine the search figures will spike over the next few days as the 40th anniversary of the moon landings comes around!

wandererh profile image

wandererh 7 years ago from Singapore

I think there are no microchips back then and their computers might still have been running on vacuum tubes.  It's a wonder they didn't miss the moon and end up on Mars instead.  :)

But seriously, I know a photographer that have met Buzz Aldrin.  He told me that when Buzz talks about the moon landings, he does so with a sense of wonder that cannot easily be faked.

Anyway, I'm sure we went to the moon.  It won't be easy to fake using the technology of the time, and it can probably be easily picked apart using today's technology if it was really faked.

Lissie profile image

Lissie 7 years ago from New Zealand Author

Wow wandreh - you know someone who knows Aldrin -that's so cool - yes I've heard that comment made before by others who have interviewed him. In fact when the original sailors who circumnavigated the world with Vasco de Gamba made in back to Portugal - they were apparently changed men too. Some people just seem to under-rate what humans can achieve when they put their minds to it - thanks for commenting

rb11 profile image

rb11 7 years ago from Las Vegas

Remember Orson Wells war of the worlds, he had folks going for a while, this is obviously a much bigger task if it was a hoax. It's just fascinating to consider the millions of stars, planets and what ever else is out there and how it came about. Isn't the moon made out of cheese?


agrande profile image

agrande 7 years ago from Oregon, USA

Lissie I thought you were a scientist. Don't you remember the proofs you used to do in Geometry class? You say the astronauts walked on the moon but what proof is there? Usually the picture taken from the moon is used as proof that they were there. But any third grader can tell you it is fake because it shows the earth as a ball instead of flat like we all know it is.

This so called round earth idea has been circulating (and I hesitate to use that term which would indicate a roundness but, be that as it may) for centuries and everybody knows it doesn't hold water which is my point exactly. If the earth were round the water would all drain off the south pole and we all know that doesn't happen.

Also, you couldn't even type on your key board because you would have to be hanging on or you would fall off too since you are in the "southern hemisphere". Well, I guess you could be hanging on with one hand and typing with the other but I am sure that would get very uncomfortable.

And another thing, have you noticed how the moon gets smaller and then bigger every month? But your so called interplanetary travelers didn't say anything at all about part of the moon missing when they were there. Doesn't this seem strange? I mean, if they would have been shot off when the moon is that little teeny sliver thing they would have missed it altogether and I suppose you are going to say they wouldn't have just hit the ceiling with all the stars painted on it and bounced back down here.

And besides that, my wife's uncle's brother-in-law knew a guy who dated a woman whose father actually delivered the paint to the stage in Burbank where they made the movies of the so called moon landing. So what do you think of that miss smarty pants who probably doesn't even think there are Bigfoots living up here in the forest?

I await your reply because your kind always wants to talk about "facts" like they can be proved or something.

Oh before I go, did they really see Elvis up on the North Island. I heard he is recording a comeback album. I can't wait. :-)

jayb23 profile image

jayb23 7 years ago from India

The number of conspiracy theories going around just doesnt seem to die. But whatever I have read, I feel Americans did land on moon. These theories will be there forever. Thanks for such a wonderful hub Lissie.

Lissie profile image

Lissie 7 years ago from New Zealand Author

@LOL agrande - now I do take exception with the last para- obviously Elvis isn't recording - he's hooking up with Michael Jackson and they are doing a joint release - surely you knew that!

And I do live in the land Down Under and I can assure you that the water does go down the plug hole the wrong way ! Thanks so much for the clarfiication of my mistakes!

Ann Wright 7 years ago

I precede most of you by a generation, I reckon, but I worked at McDonnell Douglas at the time of the moon shot. Seeing the TV replays today, I felt seriously proud of making the tiniest contribution to that achievement, getting to the moon! Doubt on, if you need to. But we really did it. Shine on silver moon!

Lissie profile image

Lissie 7 years ago from New Zealand Author

@JayB - they landed on the moon and they should celebrate the fact!

@Ann - thanks so much for commenting and what an honour to get a comment from anyone even slightly involved in the Space Race - I was 5 years old and allowed to stay up very late to watch it! I seriously hope to make it onto a commercial space flight before I die - I reckon i have 30 more years to go before I'll be too old.

Nancy's Niche profile image

Nancy's Niche 7 years ago from USA

Leave it to the media to try to create doubt in one’s mind concerning a historical event. Seems they are never happy unless history can be scandalized in some way…I believe we landed on the moon…Why, because aesthetics were not yet refined enough to make the whole event appear so real.

Pete Maida profile image

Pete Maida 7 years ago

I watched the moon landing as it was happening. Every news organization in the world with thousands of people would have to have been in on it. It is just silly.

Americans love conspiracies. We have reasons. It's not like our government hasn't trried to pull a fast on now and then. Watergate was not a hoax, the government did abuse its power. That's not the real reason though, conspiracies our exciting and we imagine ourselves uncovering the truth. If we didn't like the bologna we wouldn't have tabloid newspapers.

pressingon profile image

pressingon 7 years ago

I'm not agreeing or disagreeing, I don't know the facts and I wasn't there so I don't know and I'm not trying to argue or anythign, but I do have a question.

The sun, moon and stars all give off light, right. We know that the sun is a ball of fire, and so are the stars, wouldn't that make the moon a ball of fire as well? If so then these men would have been torched before reaching the moon. If not, what is the moon made of and how does it give light?

Lissie profile image

Lissie 7 years ago from New Zealand Author

@thanks Nancy - exactly the special effects weren't there in 1969

@Pete I would suggest that the gutter press in the UK is a lot worse than their US equivalent - but somehow the conspiracy thing is much stronger in the US - iin the UK the big foot walked thru my village thing is done for laughs, I think?

@pressingon - I really, really hope you are are taking the piss - no the moon does not give off light - it reflects the light  from the sun. Moon is made of predominantly volcanic, andesitic rock - or green cheese - take your choice

Singular Investor profile image

Singular Investor 7 years ago from Oxford

Pressingon - I'm not sure if you are being serious or not - but I'll take the risk and assume you are being serious - the light from the Moon is merely the light from the Sun being relfected back to the Earth

pressingon profile image

pressingon 7 years ago

ok so the moon is not give light...just reflects it...I appreciate your answers...but still, how can it be cold enough for humans to walk on with the sun penetrating these rocks 24/7. I went for a walk on the beach the other day and burnt the bottom of my feet from the hot sand

Singular Investor profile image

Singular Investor 7 years ago from Oxford

Pressingon - I'm not an expert in such matters but I believe that is why they wear space suits and very dark visors on their helmets - but there is also, I believe, no atmosphere on the moon which makes it very hot in the sun 100 Celsius - and very cold out of the sun - but the space suits are deisgned to protect the astronauts.

Lissie profile image

Lissie 7 years ago from New Zealand Author

Yup you could be right there SI - walking around on the moon in bare feet is not at all to be recommended -pretty sure Nasa would back me up on this one!

Temperance M profile image

Temperance M 7 years ago from Oregon

@Lissie - It makes me sad to think that there are people who truly believe the moon landing was a fake. It just goes to show that Seth Godin was right, we've lost our ability to dream big outrageous dreams.

Bring back the era of outrageous science fiction that drove the development of technology! Here's to Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, Robert Heinlein and all the rest who used their imagination to stretch science to its limits!

Super Hub Star profile image

Super Hub Star 7 years ago

There is actually an organization who's members still believe that the world is flat. Can't remember what they're called but I thought they were a joke until I saw one of them interviewed on the TV! He was very serious.

Jeremy Keller 7 years ago

Well, even I'M not entirely convinced men really went to the Moon. After all, doesn't the American flag appear to flutter? What about the famous image of Buzz Aldrin? Doesn't it appear that he was standing in a floodlit desert or in a setting with a spotlight shining on him?

On the other hand, if men didn't really go to the Moon, maybe Spirit and Opportunity didn't really go to Mars. Maybe the Venera landers didn't really land on Venus and maybe the Huygens lander didn't really land on Titan.

Anyway, I am featured on the BBC website and anxious to bring my weblinks to everyone's attention. Simply visit Google and search the web for Jeremy Keller, or Jeremy Keller BBC, to access the details. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin apparently wanted to go to the Moon and want to explore the Moon to cut a long story short. As for Michael Collins, I still don't quite understand why he had to remain in the command module in lunar orbit. Wasn't it unfair on his part?

Julie-Ann Amos profile image

Julie-Ann Amos 7 years ago from Gloucestershire, UK

Great hub Lissie - I get the consipracy theory because it's so unbelievable they actually got there and back with the technology they had. But someone would have blabbed by now if it was a hoax...

Lissie profile image

Lissie 7 years ago from New Zealand Author

@Jeremy - but none of the went to the moon - but then its unfair that Collins didn't get to go land? Make up your mind! The thing about the flag fluttering - its moving because of momentum- they had to twist the pole to get it into the ground (like you do with a tent pole) - that built up moment - and given that there is no atmosphere to dampen it, oh and the flag spreads out because there is a rod along the top.

Exactly in Julie-Ann -have you ever seen the ships that the early explorers circum-naviagted the world in? They must be hoaxes too - they dont have GPS, sat nav or even air-con!

profile image

grey1111111 7 years ago from b.c

well not sure y it would be faked and would all the countries around the world be faking it two were the not all involved in some way my self m not sure on this one

Jeremy Keller 7 years ago

I seem to recall there was the casual televised debate as to whether or not men went to the Moon 30 years after Apollo 11.

I seem to recall that one of them mentioned the faked lunar scene in the Bond film Diamonds are Forever but I don't think any of them mentioned the film Capricorn One. Capricorn One is about faking an expedition to Mars. The idea is that at first everyone is fooled into thinking they really have gone there, but in the end they find out it was all a hoax. In any case, the would-be crew, one of them played by O J Simpson, don't want to feel guilty telling their freinds and famalies they did something they didn't really do. In the plot it is decided that that have to be killed in case they tell anyone. The excuse for their deaths is that the capsule was incinerated on re-entry into the atmosphere. Two of the three, including the one played by O J Simpson, are killed. The one who isn't is able to be reunited with his family just as they are attending his would-be funeral.

profile image

Val Drooger 7 years ago

Where did you get the idea that Russians believe in the Moon Landing Hoax?

I can assure that all American conspiracies are inbred.

Chef Jeff profile image

Chef Jeff 7 years ago from Universe, Milky Way, Outer Arm, Sol, Earth, Western Hemisphere, North America, Illinois, Chicago.

Jeremy Keller, the flag they placed only "flutters" as they are adjusting it in the soil. After that it stays perfectly still for the 30 minutes of film-time it is recorded.

The landing site can still be seen from Earth. And don't forget there were successive moon missions, all of which show the moon, and the Earth 200,000 some odd miles away, etc. etc.

Just as there are people who constantly claim that space aliens shot Kennedy, Bill Clinton had Martians on his cabinet, Mae West was really a man in drag, and that Elvis lives in a motel in Michigan, such claims are just as credible as the people who create them - and it takes more than a wild and crazy claim to make a claim real. One needs proof. The burden of proof is on those who make the claims.

Chef Jeff profile image

Chef Jeff 7 years ago from Universe, Milky Way, Outer Arm, Sol, Earth, Western Hemisphere, North America, Illinois, Chicago.

Julie-Ann Amos, the technology they had was adequate to guide bombers to their targets with pin-point accuracy, was powerful enough to do the simple tasks then required of it onboard the space vessel, and many other things besides that while going to the moon. Besides, that, everyone involved knew it was a risk and they were willing to take it.

Do not belittle the technology they had because it was also used to run NORAD and the Houston space control center. Also, so much of the data needed was actually created on Earth and then sent to the capsules, so the actual size of the computing power needed on the space vessel was small. Most of the ship-board technology was simply busy sending out telemetry and vitals to Houston. That is what caused some of the heart-stopping moments for Apollo 13, because they lost so much telemetry from the ship after the tanks ruptured, and Houston had to do a lot of best-guessing with flawed telemetry coming from the ship.

Today's ships use a lot of onboard technology, mostly as a back up, and also to make the voyage more self-sufficient in case something goes wrong. Just the same, a lot of the computing power is still done on Earth and sent back up to the shuttle used today. But in 1969 they could EASILY have done what they did with the technology of the day. They just used technology in a different way than we do today.

stendek profile image

stendek 7 years ago from Pellucidar

No patience with Never Address Serious Allegations (NASA) apologists! Unthinking sheep follow. Follow on! Know why tapes allegedly recorded over/misplaced? So they could not be exposed to world as fakes they are. Peace.

traceye profile image

traceye 7 years ago from Australia

Hey Lissie,

Did I tell you that I was conceived the night of the moon landing. True story. Aw crap now you know how old I am.

Tracey ;)

dodofone profile image

dodofone 7 years ago

I don't know where is the truth of man landing on the moon? Recently on TV Channel(SBS-Melbourne) I was watching a documentary called "The dark Side of The Moon" I think. It was said the film was done by Stanley Kubrick(no sure for the spelling) but the mission was done in real. All in the hope if something would have gone wrong to have a film which is a fake.

The Good Cook profile image

The Good Cook 7 years ago

I don't doubt that Americans have walked on the moon ... but I do doubt that they did on 20 July 1969. I also know we will never know the truth of the matter. When it comes to cover-ups, the American government, American military and secret service personnel are EXPERTS.

When there is still so much we have yet to learn about this planet, wasting billions of dollars on exploring outer space just seems so pointless.

Lissie profile image

Lissie 7 years ago from New Zealand Author

Good Cook - the only point of being humans is for us to explore - as far as I am concerned the only interesting thing we do as humans is explore - and outer space is the current frontier.

If for no other reason and some point there will be a major meteor impact and it will be time to move planet!

Tatjana-Mihaela profile image

Tatjana-Mihaela 7 years ago from Zadar, CROATIA

Some people always doubt when anyone makes any progress...

Americans are really masters of conspiracy theories...

Great article, as always.

I am sure that Americans 1969 landed on Moon.

stendek profile image

stendek 7 years ago from Pellucidar

Liked your section about moon rocks. Pure BS! NASA palmed off petrified wood as moon rocks. Just ask Dutch! You believe anything a lying organization like this one says? Dream on dear one! Reality is more difficult to contend with than dreams.

godolpfan profile image

godolpfan 7 years ago from Magonia

Have examined your allegations plus those of Stendek. More swayed by those of Stendek. Fake moon rocks torpedoed most of your arguments. Once a liar...

godolpfan profile image

godolpfan 7 years ago from Magonia

...always a liar!

Lissie profile image

Lissie 7 years ago from New Zealand Author

No idea what drugs you guys are on - the rocks aren't fake - notthe ones that have been analysed by Australian geologists anyways - I could explain why its really easy to tell if a rokc if lunar or terrestial as a geologist - but that would involve more science that you guys know obviously

stendek profile image

stendek 7 years ago from Pellucidar

Tell it to Dutch people! Guess blatant lies are all right as long as your precious NASA tells them. Braindead sheep like yourself believe all fed gov bullshet. BAA!

Lissie profile image

Lissie 7 years ago from New Zealand Author

@stendek - what have the Dutch got to do with the Moon - and what makes you think I'm American ?

Captain Drywall profile image

Captain Drywall 7 years ago from Sacramento, California

To bad when they test "moon rocks" that are in museums they turn out to be fake. I wonder where the real "moon rocks" are? 'Moon Rock' in Dutch Museum Is Just Petrified Wood google it

stendek profile image

stendek 7 years ago from Pellucidar

Want proof that conspiracies exist? I am a conspiracist. Have been for over half a century! I know for a fact from decades as an investigative reporter that conspiracies are fact not fiction. I have been on a personal crusade against NASA since astro-not Edwin "Sucker Punch" Aldrin launched an unprovoked attack on an American citizen. NASA never brought to task when it was AUTHENTICATED that a piece of worthless wood palmed off on Dutch as genuine moon rock. United States media made light of national disgrace. Why? I digress. Friends told me NASA would get my conspiracy pages off HubPages. I authored almost 5,000 pages so even I found that difficult to believe. Guess what? My friends knew more than this conspiracist! Signed into account one day only to find all pages had vanished. NASA won again! When I requested report on Roswell Report for my newspaper I was told by friend that my name is flagged at Pentagon due to my conspiracy columns. Not security risk since weekly newspaper has limited circulation. When report arrived at newspaper offices it had my name on it although only the newspaper name had been utilized. Those darn coincidences. All my conspiracy HubPages now in limbo. Having to get almost 5,000 pages "cleared" by nameless HubPage czars prior to publication. Are conspiracies real? Hell yes! See Jesse Ventura show on 911 which only scratched surface? Keep seeking truth. Skeptics be damned. Perhaps one day even their eyes will open. Doubt it. Peace. ++STENDEC++

Canklefish profile image

Canklefish 7 years ago from East Coast

Love this Hub. This subject matter has intrigued me ever since I was old enough to understand the debate. How rational and otherwise intelligent creatures can discount this feat amazes me to this day.

The evidence the wannabe conspiracy theorists site as proof of a cover-up is absolutely ludicrous...

You gotta pick yer battles, people; This ain't one of 'em!

Jeremy Keller 7 years ago

Will men ever go to the Moon again? Barack Obama seems to have cancelled any plans to send men to the Moon again in 2020.

If men really DID go to Moon all those years ago, why isn't there now a permanent Moon base? You'd think there would be one by now, wouldn't you? Who would've thought that the record of the last man on the Moon 37 years ago would still hold today? I can understand that it was anticipated as the last manned expedition to the Moon of the decade, but of the century as well? I would certainly like to think the whole thing was faked!

Anyway, how about sending robots to explore the surface of the Moon, like Spirit and Opportunity on the surface of Mars? If NASA can send send such a robot to Mars, why don't they pop one over to the Moon?

I am featured on the BBC website and anxious to bring my weblinks to everyone's attention. Simply visit Google and search the web for Jeremy Keller BBC to access the details.

Alternatively, to access one of the links, please visit Google and search the web for LUNAR MOUNTAINEERING or MOTIONIZING PAINTINGS.

Jeremy Keller 6 years ago

Why has Barack Obama cancelled any plans to send men to the Moon "again" by 2020? How could NASA have had the technology to send men to the Moon 40 years ago if they don't seem to have it now?

There even seems to be evidence that the whole thing was faked. What about the dust clouds created by what was apparently a Moon buggy? I do believe a dust cloud cannot be created in a vacuum.

People seem to unanimously agree that they at least got as far as the Earth's orbit but didn't reach lunar orbit. They got far enough from the Earth to photograph our planet as a globe. That way they could zoom out on the image and make the Earth appear smaller, hence more distant.

Jeremy Keller 6 years ago

During the Apollo programme there was apparently at least one member of the crew who stayed in lunar orbit. Then why didn't he photograph the Earth whilst orbiting the night side of the Moon? I think this would've been a very logical thing to do in lunar orbit!

Furthermore, if Neil armstrong and the others really did go to the Moon, why don't they defiantly insist on it and that claiming they didn't is an insult to their memories?

profile image

Baileybear 6 years ago

I'm skeptical. I read some of the arguments elsewhere, and it is claimed that the original recording is missing. If that is true, then it is pretty convenient, so it can't be analysed to see if fake.

With more advanced technology now, why do they make excuses about going back?

profile image

bobmabob 6 years ago

is this all fake or not

RussellLHuey profile image

RussellLHuey 5 years ago

I love the history. Thanks for sharing this information.

profile image

SanXuary 5 years ago

I do not think we faked it but question the technology we had in creating the story that was given. I think we filmed a great deal of propaganda into the actual event simply because the photography may have been to poor to present the effect we desired. People have claimed that several major producers were involved in just such a thing but to what purpose we really do not know but it created part of this story of a hoax. Perhaps we did not do all those things on the first landing but the race against the Soviet Union made us make such a claim that we attained the complete goals later on following missions. Looking back and wondering why we have not returned has often puzzled me. Thinking about the technology we have today and wondering about technology that was really late 1950`s makes me ponder a number of issues. Did we go there most likely. Did it happen the way we claimed perhaps. I say 1950's technology because the military technology we use today was mostly designed in the 1980's.

profile image

TTRMAN 5 years ago

Fake in my own opinion.

Just a few reasons: We can have high definition photos of the Mars surface but don't have any high definition photographs of the Moon landing sights. You can open Google Earth and view any house or street in the world, "but not high definition Moon images "or any for that matter".

The original high defination footage of the Moon landings went missing and the public only ever received blury grainy footage that was recorded from another screen and broadcasted live. I suppose that's not important because blury grainy footage is just as good. It's not like that would be important in those days and no wonder it got lost. Also the radiation is extremely strong without the protection of earths atmosphere, "hence the space station stays well inside the boundaries and is protectected from that extreme radiation".. "Hence nobody space travells outside those boundaries with todays technology for some reason". Although despite the austronaughts making contact with the extreme radiation in those days, no austranought ever had any probs with it. Today they think diferently, but ofcourse it's stronger now "that's why" Besides there's no need to go there anymore anyway.

Moon rock, meteor rock, astroid rock.. . Could have came from anywhere, including from the ground we are standing on if you are going to be scientific.

Blaise 5 years ago

I think landing on moon was really a hoax.My question is why NASA not recognizing this clear logic?Each and everyone has their own scientific view but they should surrender themselves,isn't it?

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TTRMAN 5 years ago

While I believe it was a hoax I also believe there is a credible reason for the hoax moonlandings, something Russia promised to go along with to some degree. Alot of people forget about world war 1 & 2 and also the COLD WAR. The Russians were totally defensless when Hitler attacked, they had to start designing & manufacturing war boats, fighter planes, guns you name it as they were being invaded. Once Russia got into the swing they were a very prepared and deadly enemy becoming far greater than the Germans ever inticipated, which also ended up being their first & last mistake. At the same time America was gearing up their war anticks and soon Russia and America were breathing down each others throats knowing they had nuclear technology now. The moonlandings put everyones minds off war and towards hope and joy. It was something that brought joy to everybody and exactly what the governments would have needed to help bring the focus on war to a stop. I don't know what agreements were made between the countries but I believe we should know before to long. I think we are living in interesting times to be very honest. Just lately the Chinese have been threatening to send un-manned crafts to the moon and take pictures of the so called moonlanding sight. When they don't find it what will happen ?

eric 5 years ago

We did land on the moon. My dad worked on apollo. Bbut I think the readon for not going back is there probley a alien moon base that there afraid to go. Recently. They firef a "missile " to the moon I think that was retaliation

Shanu Choudhury 5 years ago

My thinking is, why only Americans Landed on Moon? How come no one from other countries tried to land on moon? Technology has improved so much...wouldn't it be logical that someone tried to land on moon again? I am sure that moon is not claimed as US property!

barry 5 years ago

That conspiracy theory is spouted mostly by leftist hippies out of spite because nasa was white anglo saxon males in a nonsocialist nation.

Funny how the kremlin never refuted the american feat.

Just watch for asian mission footage showing apollo bootprints and the rover.

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