Family Values MIA (Missing In Action)

For eight years now the Republicans have owned the mantra Family Values. They have pushed it and sold it to the American people for untold quantities of political gain.

The entire time the Republicans were pushing family values they themselves were without values. They appear to have given so much of it away that they had none left for themselves.

Trent Lott was forced to resign from the Senate in disgrace. His resignation from the Senate came just two days before the federal indictment of his brother-in-law trial lawyer Richard Scruggs. Scruggs plead guilty to conspiring to bribe a Mississippi Judge by promising him a federal judgeship appointment using his influence over Lott.

Newt Gingrich also pushed family values. Gingrich knew very well what family values were all about because having been married three times he himself had three families. First he married his high school math teacher, which he divorced while she was bedridden with cancer. Six months later he married Marianne Ginther. While married to Marianne Ginther he had an affair with Callista Bisek. He later divorced Marianne Ginther and married his mistress Callista Bisek.

Tom DeLay also a proud sponsor of family values and morals had no morals when it came to political wheeling and dealing. He regularly employed a method know as “catch and release”. Using this method DeLay would count the votes needed to pass a bill then would allow certain members of his party to vote against it so that they could remain in the good graces of the public back home.

Tom DeLay was indicted by a Texas grand jury on criminal charges related to campaign finance laws. Tom has the distinction of being the first congressional leader ever to be indicted while holding that office.

Now comes John McCain. A Republican and pusher of family values. Yes, John McCain knows first hand the importance of family values. Besides being involved in some very questionable behavior with the Keating 5 McCain brings to the Republican party, and the Republican Party accepts, a former mistress as a potential first lady, the concept that teen pregnancy and illegitimate children are private family values, a Vice-Presidential candidate that can see Russia from her doorstep and this fact alone qualifies her for Vice-President, and now the idea that nationalizing our banking system and nationalizing certain big businesses is good for the country.

John McCain hero, savior, an outstanding example of family values, the man who cheated on a wife who remained faithful to him throughout his five years in a war prison. The presidential candidate who promised to run a clean campaign with a focus on the issues and no mud slinging.

John McCain, conservative family values. Not a hypocrite, just trying to win an election by any means possible, legal or illegal.


Pancho Villa - a bleeding heart liberal Revolutionary.

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