Misconception Regarding Health Insurance of Federal Employees

What is Federal Employee Health Insurance

Federal employees have the ability to choose which insurance company they want to be with at the beginning of their career. The employee may change this every year between November 1, and January 1. This is done by having each insurance company visit the agency and speak with employees, hand out brochures, etc. I have been with the Federal Government for over 20 years now and this is an excellent system. The only drawback is that all insurance companies do not participate in the open houses. Also, the dental insurance is not every good.  Despite what some Conservative talk show host believe, this "government insurance" is pretty good.  It is not, however, cheap.  Therefore, we all need some reform to our health insurance system.  Also, when my full-time college student turns 22, she will  not have any insurance at all because she does not have a job which will provide health insurance and she cannot afford to purchase insurance.  There needs to be a way that as a college student she can remain on my insurance until her 25th birthday or she is no longer in school whichever comes first.

If everyone in the United States was allowed to select a health insurance company we would have the necessary competition in the insurance market that the Republicans seem to think is so necessary.   It would be a great thing if we had a public option for everyone very similar to the Federal Employees Health Insurance system.   I would lose my ability to have this insurance once I stop working for the Federal Government unless I retire.  We really need a way to prevent this from happening as so many people are losing their jobs now. 

I have noticed that Republican officials say no to a public option because they believe that the Goverment would be too big and other insurance companies would not be able to compete.  This is not way I see the public option as long as it is not another Federal Agency.  I don't understand why all Congressman are not willing to have insurance companies compete with a public option. Whoever runs the publics option would not have an unfair advantage because they would get their clients the same way any other insurance company would get clients.  I believe the public option would be great because everyone can particme wipate on the same playing field, whereas now if you have a job which offers insurance, you can get a pretty good deal.  If you do not have a job, you choices for health insurance is really slim.

While I may not understand everything about the health care debates I do know that we need a system where everyone can receive the same basic health insurance at reasonable rates.



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