Fiscal Conservative Approach to Government

The Fiscal Conservative Approach

The United States is on the precipice of financial ruin. Our national debt is $11.5 trillion and it is going up each and every day. The government is spending hundreds of billions of dollars more than we have and new programs are being instituted that will cost even more. Our economy is struggling to get back on track and liberal spending is keeping it down. Tax rates are on the verge of going up, when they should be going down. Finally we have not had a balanced budget in years, which has further hurt the problem. Clearly, lawmakers have not been good fiscal conservatives.

Over the past few years, both political parties have spent recklessly and contributed to the mess that we are in. President Bush and President Obama both saw the national debt rise on their watch. What alarms me most is that President Obama has only been in office 6 months and he has doubled the deficit in just that short period of time. Republicans, for the most part, appear to have gotten the message that the government needs a fiscal conservative approach. Voters turned out the GOP, partially because they were not being fiscally responsible. Now, the Democrats need to get the message. In order for our government and country to be secure financially several steps must be taken, in order for our country to resolve the problems:

1) The first thing that needs to be done is to balance the budget. Whether it is with a law or an actual amendment to the Constitution, it needs to be done every year to ensure we are not spending more money than we have.

2) Expensive government plans need to be scrapped. President Obama’s government healthcare reform plan has got to go. It is estimated that it will cost $1 trillion. If we do not have the money to pay for current programs, what makes him think we can pay for a new one?

3) Cutting down government expenses will also be important. This means the stimulus bill and all the bail outs need to stop. Whatever money is left should be saved. I do not think either of these plans should ever have been put in place. That is not capitalism.

4) Going hand in hand with #3 is to cut the budget. There are two areas where money can be saved. The first is to ban pork barrel spending. That is not a ton of money, but it does add up, and that can go a long way. The second area is to crackdown on fraud. Social Security, welfare, Medicaid, Medicare and countless other programs are abused by people who take advantage of it. Cracking down on that will save billions every year.

5) Keeping taxes low is important. That means people will spend more money, which will stimulate the economy, and that means more money will be available for the government to get at a low tax rate.

Currently, none of these things are being followed, which I guarantee is making our situation worse. Fiscal responsibility is an important aspect of good government stewardship and right now our leaders are absent on the job. Congress is currently trying to enact two pieces of legislation that will further cause problems. The first is the healthcare reform bill already mentioned. The second thing is the cap and trade bill, which will raise taxes and cost our economy jobs. How will it do this? By punishing Americans for polluting, so we have to pay higher taxes. The same goes for businesses, which means less money to pay workers, which means layoffs. Independent estimates show that the average American family will pay hundreds of dollars more in taxes and the economy will lose 2.5 million jobs. The policies being enacted under this unified Democratic government are devastating the country and are probably making our economic situation worse. This is why a fiscal conservative approach to our government is important.

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eovery profile image

eovery 7 years ago from MIddle of the Boondocks of Iowa

If only they would listen!

Thanks for writing this great hub.

Keep on hubbing!

James A Watkins profile image

James A Watkins 7 years ago from Chicago

Amen, Brother!  You are dead on in your analysis here.  Your way will work.  The path we are on now will never pan out.  Thank you for your eloquence.

RWHMs INC. profile image

RWHMs INC. 6 years ago

spot on !! excellent read!! need more hubs like this

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