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Pray for Unity

  1. ALL4JESUS profile image83
    ALL4JESUSposted 4 years ago

    Tomorrow is a decisive day in America. Please pray for unity for our beloved United States of America.

    1. tammybarnette profile image60
      tammybarnetteposted 4 years ago in reply to this

      Amen smile

    2. habee profile image90
      habeeposted 4 years ago in reply to this

      Double amen.

  2. PeppermintPaddy profile image76
    PeppermintPaddyposted 4 years ago

    Lord, the Hatfield and McKay war still going on after 2000.I believe this-I'll shoot you. I believe this-I'll shoot you. If you look down the line these days will pass. Presidents will pass, platforms will pass, economies will pass.

  3. A Troubled Man profile image60
    A Troubled Manposted 4 years ago

    After today, we can bid Romney goodbye as he shows his real face in public turning that smile into a frown.  I wonder how many people he'll fire in the aftermath?