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What is the difference between Obama and Tsipras?

  1. maxoxam41 profile image78
    maxoxam41posted 23 months ago

    During their electoral campaign both presidents spoke in the name of the people, both aimed at reducing the hardships both populations experienced and, at the end, what do we have? Betrayal. Obama favored the banks, the corporations and wall-street. Tsipras said he would default. And conclusion, he is paying the elite's debts with the people's pensions. We are witnessing the rise of fake for the people candidates that are ready to sacrifice them for the elite's financial bets. Your opinion.

    1. janesix profile image62
      janesixposted 23 months ago in reply to this

      Of course. They are both politicians. They all lie for a living.

      1. maxoxam41 profile image78
        maxoxam41posted 23 months ago in reply to this

        But it seems to be a new trend. Since Obama launched it. I really thought that Tsipras and his party Syriza would finally save Greece from the Troika's sharks and I just realized, after reading an article stating that Greece just paid €450 million to the IMF from people's pension funds, the magnitude of the neoconservatives' infiltration in the political spectrum. The people have no other way to live but to protest. As Greeks are starving, are lacking of basic necessity, as suicides, unemployment are rampant what does governments do? More plunder. Let's make no mistake, Detroit, Greece experienced the same abandonment. Que sera, sera. It is the Greeks' duty to launch the resistance.

        1. Kathryn L Hill profile image84
          Kathryn L Hillposted 23 months ago in reply to this

          How should they launch resistance? would you recommend?

          1. maxoxam41 profile image78
            maxoxam41posted 22 months ago in reply to this

            What kind of resistance is more likely to happen? As the Greek people are suffering, as their democratically government is selling them to the German greed, what is the last resort? Protest, referendum, impeachment... If any government DOESN'T provide basics to any given society, it deserves to be impeached by the people. We are sprayed aluminum, fed GMOs, soon our thirst will be quenched with contaminated oceanic water (Fukushima being the source of contamination)... By the way, what does guarantee me that the desalinization of sea water will take into consideration one of the most dangerous metal in the periodic table? If after 30 years Tchernobyl is still condemned what can we say about our ocean 3 years later? And, the funniest part is that the reporter drank a glass of water reassuring of the safety of the endeavor... What a joke? It only shows their despise to the useless eaters that we are. I have enough of those thugs that are ruling my life. I have enough of people deciding for me at any given step of my life, get a degree, vaccine your child, pay your taxes (that goes against the constitution) and on the other side of the spectrum a minority clique that uses its financial and political might to bend the law at will. I am REALLY fed UP!

  2. maxoxam41 profile image78
    maxoxam41posted 22 months ago

    Isn't Greece defaulting much more appropriate than pay the thugs from the IMF?