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Donald Trump State of Mind

  1. Peoplebranch profile image63
    Peoplebranchposted 7 months ago

    Can anyone claim (with a straight face) Donald Trump is capable of making rational decisions?
    Would you bet your life that he is able to?

    1. ahorseback profile image48
      ahorsebackposted 7 months ago in reply to this

      Yea , another unhappy Bernie supporter ..............don't be so bitter .

      1. colorfulone profile image87
        colorfuloneposted 7 months ago in reply to this

        God is able:  Ephesians 3:20

    2. wilderness profile image94
      wildernessposted 7 months ago in reply to this

      Another post complains that he is using his own companies, more than a dozen of them, to provide the services his campaign makes.  I'd have to say that anyone owning a dozen successful companies has made some rational decisions.

      Or are you just mud slinging?

      1. Peoplebranch profile image63
        Peoplebranchposted 7 months ago in reply to this

        Madoff (Bernie Madoff) built the largest financial empire until a persistent journalist, at the cost of his life, investigated until he found out and revealed to the world it was all a ponzi scheme which lasted from 1990's to 2008. Has Madoff's entourage done a better job shielding him from the journalist, I suspect that today he would have been labeled "rational and smart".
        FYI: As it stands today, there are approximately 3,600 lawsuits against the Trump's Investment Companies (education, labor, government, transportation, the list is endless). Just recently, the Department of Labor opens investigation into Trump's practice of avoiding to pay the set minimum wage (when that was around $5.50)
        I know it's difficult to accept facts because we all prefer to live in the clouds but it's just a matter of time before all comes crumbling on the Trump's empire just like in the Madoff's case.
        One final note: If you've been reading my blog, you would notice that I wrote more than half-dozen articles which are favorable to Trump. My articles reflect the reality of the circumstances. I don't expect everyone to always like what I write about. That is not the point of publishing articles. My ultimate objective is to provide information upon which smart, intelligent people can make decisions. I do not support (with my vote) any candidate or party.

        1. colorfulone profile image87
          colorfuloneposted 7 months ago in reply to this

          If you like to dig for corruption, I did some research on the Dept. of Labor and found it interesting and enlightening.  The racketeering and fraud is deep in government agencies, and the DOL is no exception.

        2. GA Anderson profile image85
          GA Andersonposted 7 months ago in reply to this

          Who was the journalist that lost his life investigating Madoff?


          1. Peoplebranch profile image63
            Peoplebranchposted 7 months ago in reply to this

            GA, the journalist (John Wilke, Sr business reporter at Wall Street Journal) didn't lose his life because of the Madoff scandal (although ironically he died of cancer shortly after the scandal has run its course). Mr. Wilke had to fight his boss, the Editor and at the same time was threatened via anonymous calls and cryptic messages to drop the investigation.
            Whether he did or not is anybody's guess but it's curious WSJ never ran his story

    3. Live to Learn profile image81
      Live to Learnposted 7 months ago in reply to this

      About as capable as Hillary is of making an honest decision but, the question is will he (like Hillary) consistently chose to do otherwise?

      1. Peoplebranch profile image63
        Peoplebranchposted 7 months ago in reply to this

        I wrote extensively about that; what puzzled me is the fact that even the individual (a Republican) who painted Hillary as such in his book (in the 1990's) confessed he didn't intend a widespread and permanent damage
        but the biggest puzzle is this:
        1) no one took the time to figure out that the truth behind the accusations
        2) ALL politicians lie ALL THE TIME; there is nothing unique about Hillary.
        What I've been investigating is why ALL other politicians get a pass

        1. Live to Learn profile image81
          Live to Learnposted 7 months ago in reply to this

          That's a good question. I suppose they all get a pass because, as you say, they all do. That's where I think Trump is getting his boost. He's an a**. He's an idiot. He's the least likely person any of us would have ever imagined would be running for the office of president. But (and it is a big but) he isn't a politician.

    4. ahorseback profile image48
      ahorsebackposted 7 months ago in reply to this

      Trump is about nationalism , sovereignty,  he is about business  ,that the people speak loudly about taking their country back !   If he is elected  and  every decision he makes is a tool too accomplish  that  ONE  theory .    So be it !

      Can he handle it , Has Obama , someone with O business experience?

  2. ahorseback profile image48
    ahorsebackposted 7 months ago

    Yet as a business man , One who knows business like Trump  , there is always that worry at the back of ones mind , have I made good business decisions ?    He seems to have a good business sense that  old saying ' everything he touches turns to money " ,   I give trump an a for that  , where Hillary has never  had to or desired to  be the  one of "business ', It worries  me when I see people who've made the career of the steady paycheck of  politics and never made their own  wealth . THAT is why people trust Trump more than Hillary for leading our economy !

  3. ahorseback profile image48
    ahorsebackposted 7 months ago

    One day in the future , no matter how far from the wishes of the people that congress and senate do get ,  when the people of this country grow a pair enough to start hanging congressmen and senators from lampposts , They will still claim that they are only there in office doing the bidding of the people ! While all the time enriching no one but themselves .


    1. Peoplebranch profile image63
      Peoplebranchposted 6 months ago in reply to this

      From the dawn of ages till modern time, punishment (whatever that is) is useless. For instance, Texas (#1) and Florida have carried out the most executions of prisoners for crimes committed and yet both lead the nations in the number of crimes.
      I think the lack of involvement of The People is to blame for the problem. Here is where I would suggest we start: vote out of office any public servant (Congressmen, Senators, Presidents, etc...) who solicits, accepts or uses campaign financing money provided by lobbyists, special interest groups; limit the amount any individual can contribute to a campaign  (no more than $100 for instance), etc.
      Soon, the elected officials would have to listen to The People instead of those financing their campaigns. At least, that would be a start.

  4. ahorseback profile image48
    ahorsebackposted 6 months ago

    I agree with almost all you say except the issue with punishment . America's most ineffectual general crime problem is lack of personal accountability , and a very lax , liberally influenced justice system.  Everyone who can read knows that changed drastically in the sixties .  The noose  is simply a political image to me of how we have to do something drastic to re-claim our sovereignty as a nation , and return the majority of power to the voter .

    I agree with campaign contributions completely ,  That's only going to happen when the US supreme courts stop allowing the humanizing influence of corporate America's control in politics  , NO MORE  corporate  lobbyism ,  f course our legislative leadership right now is so polluted with  graft and corruption as to render it useless , ineffectual and  criminal .

    Problem is the" Madoffs"' are our  congressman and senators.