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Gary Johnson. Any Thoughts?

  1. Live to Learn profile image81
    Live to Learnposted 8 weeks ago

    Can't vote for Hillary. Trump is still unpalatable. I've been looking at Gary Johnson. I like a lot of what I've seen.

    Does anyone know much about him? Is he a viable alternative?

    1. ahorseback profile image54
      ahorsebackposted 7 weeks ago in reply to this

      Anyone who hasn't survived the primaries should just go away .  They are simply spoilers  who'll never  accumulated enough votes to do anything but spoil another's chance of winning .

      1. Live to Learn profile image81
        Live to Learnposted 7 weeks ago in reply to this

        I get what your are saying but you have to remember those were the primaries fort the two major parties. This guy is a libertarian. During any other election cycle I'd agree with you but the two running have incredibly negative ratings for trust and likeability.  We are all (for the most part) simply taking the tiny bit of good with a truckload of baggage.

        The guy describes himself as a fiscal conservative and a social liberal. He has realistic ideas on immigration, he doesn't appear to want to micro manage individual choice and he isn't hawkish on foreign policy.  I'd like to hear more from him. I think he could appeal to both sides of the fence.

        1. ahorseback profile image54
          ahorsebackposted 7 weeks ago in reply to this

          Yet Trump is not only an outsider , but he is suffering the lack of  media support and  castration by  the actual people who made him sign an agreement to "play by the rules "   THE GOP , whom with the DNC  would  and should be suffering greatly for their own  manifest destiny - like control   of our entire  budget process ,  for their apathy of leadership  and  dictator like control of government , all the WHILE the American voter seems totally  distracted by whatever  source of evening entertainment there is going on  at the moment !

          What's wrong in the American Congress , Senate , Supreme Courts and in our modern day  media  , IS ACTUALLY our own fault !    WE BUY IT ALL,  paper   bag and all !     

          Those still holding out for Hillary  are just as blind , naive  and connected to the "system " as to render them useless  towards changing ANYTHING !  The "Gary Johnsons "of the political world cannot break through a rigged  media  and primary system for one , and the apathetic voting public  for another .

  2. RJ Schwartz profile image91
    RJ Schwartzposted 7 weeks ago
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      Live to Learnposted 7 weeks ago in reply to this


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    jacharlessposted 7 weeks ago

    Johnson is the new Ralph Nader. However, he is not the only "alternative" candidate for president. Even with just 6% of the biased "opinion poll", Jill Stein is clearly gaining ground. Like it or not, for the first time ever (?) America is looking at a four way race. Personally, I feel Johnson and Stein have a greater chance than the media-supported "Trillary". Remember, 36% of registered voters are fully independent of both major parties and a large 16% pulls from both aisles toward the independent center. Combined, that's over half the voting population. Given the disgust and obvious dislike/distrust of team "Trillary" both Johnson and Stein have a shot.

    1. GA Anderson profile image87
      GA Andersonposted 7 weeks ago in reply to this

      I like your optimism, but not your conclusion. Just a look at all the anybody-but-Trump and anybody-but-Hillary rationalizations tell us party power still rules.


      1. wba108@yahoo.com profile image83
        wba108@yahoo.composted 7 weeks ago in reply to this