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The Mayflower Solution , USA .?

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    ahorsebackposted 3 months ago

    Three of my ancestors by blood were on the Mayflower ,  At Least  Nineteen more came here on ensuing sailing ships , All  To avoid religious and political  !   As with many ,many of ,  I am disgusted with America  right Now !    What do we do ?

    We came here to escape exactly that which we've re-created ?

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      Mr. Happyposted 3 months ago in reply to this

      "We came here to escape exactly that which we've re-created" - We can't keep running away from what we don't like. Not only because our problems will follow us but because we end-up bringing our problems to other people (aka the First Nations/American Indians). So, in the end not only did we not solve our European problems (I am European that's why I said "our") but we nearly destroyed the lives of the people of the First Nations here on Turtle Island (North America).

      The moral of the story: don't run away from your problems.

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        ahorsebackposted 3 months ago in reply to this

        The native American tribes were their own reason for failure . Can't blame us for that . They could have and still could assimilated to the ensuing masses .

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          gmwilliamsposted 3 months ago in reply to this

          The Native Americans had their own culture which should have been respected.  Instead, they were treated abominably by the European conquerors & almost annihilated.  However, when they rebelled & couldn't take the treatment, the European conquerors brought MY ANCESTORS to work that land.   

          The European conquerors should have left the Native Americans alone & learned from their culture.  Oh no, they wanted everyone to be.....LIKE THEM.  Also, the European conquerors believed that THEY WERE BETTER than the Native Americans & later the enslaved Africans.  This European hegemonic consciousness has to be eradicated if America is to live up to its creed.  Practice what it is PREACHED.

          1. Live to Learn profile image82
            Live to Learnposted 3 months ago in reply to this

            I think, during that chapter in history the European settlers didn't want everyone to be just like them. If you weren't like them you never could be. Everyone, if they knew their entire history, could point to a time their ancestors were enslaved or subjugated or many of them annihilated. No one has a completely noodle salad history. I would think we'd all be thankful to be alive today in a free society with the chance to not only enjoy our freedoms but to fight to ensure we continue to find ways to be an all inclusive society.

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      lions44posted 3 months ago in reply to this

      Why are you so "disgusted?"  We've grown as a nation. Ended slavery, segregation, fought tyranny elsewhere, been a lifeline to millions of immigrants, helped cure disease, rebuilt our enemies (Germany and Japan), and remain a haven for those seeking a better life than what they have.  We have led a technology boom among other things.

      Yes, we have problems and many remain. The financial crisis of 2008 was the fault of those designed to oversee the system.  Bad decisions abound. 
      But "disgusted as a whole," why?  Certainly the world is a better place than the 19th Century when my ancestors came here. 

      We are a better nation than we were in the 1960s.  Many of the current young generation are making sacrifices for this country.   I respect your passion but I need more details.

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      Alternative Primeposted 3 months ago in reply to this

      Disgusted with AMERICA ??

      I LOVE America & Believe we are ALREADY Great ~ smile

      "Delusional Donald's" "DISGUSTED" with AMERICA & Americans also ~ Especially when they SUE him for FRAUD, Elder Abuse & Physical ATTACKs etc,  which is WHY I Believe he's HEADED to Communist Russia to EVADE the MOUNTAIN of Pending Law Suits Awaiting Adjudication ~ sad sad ~

      He ADOREs Russia & Putin so WHY not Set Up Shop in MOSCOW ??? sad

      1. Live to Learn profile image82
        Live to Learnposted 3 months ago in reply to this

        LOL. I would say Hillary and the DNC appear to pay Russia the compliment of imitating their election shenanigans.

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          Hemisphere Sambaposted 2 months ago in reply to this


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            Live to Learnposted 2 months ago in reply to this

            We are great, in many ways. We have work to do in many ways, also.

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        gmwilliamsposted 3 months ago in reply to this

        @ AP, Progress & evolution are integral parts of life whether it is plant, animal, or human societies.  If there is no progress nor evolution, there is atrophy & even decay.   Yes, there are some good things from the past but such things must constantly be relevant to modern society.  A society & culture must always be willing to seek & innovate change in order to keep it functioning at an optimum level which is beneficial for all.

        However, there are some people who are quite fearful of progress.  They see such progress as intrusive, disengaging, & even evil.  They want to return to a "more innocent" era when values were more defined & each person knew his/her place within the societal sphere.  They refuse to understand the increasing heterogeneous culture, the widening of gender roles, the increasing freedoms of the LGBT communities, & broadening of culture. To them, such things are viewed as disturbing to their particular paradigm. They are VERY FEARFUL of the change that America is & has been experiencing for the past half century.  They are even more apprehensive of the evolution from religion to spirituality- to them, that speaks of "moral degeneracy, even deterioration."

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          Alternative Primeposted 3 months ago in reply to this

          I'm not EXACTLY Sure of what your POINT is GMWilliams, but here's a PARTIAL List of the Positive "PROGRESS & Change" President Obama has Accomplished for ALL Americans & this GREAT Nation ~ smilesmile

          * A "MIRACULOUS Resurrection" of George W Bush's Near CATASTROPHIC Economic Disaster

          * Health-INSURANCE for Approximately 25 MILLION MORE Americans

          * Health-Care for EVERYONE Regardless of "Pre-Existing Conditions" & Health-Insurance CAN NO Longer be "Unilaterally CANCELLED
          by the Insurance Company as it was in so many CASEs prior to OBAMACARE leaving AMERICANs with ASTRONOMICAL Bills

          * A HEALTHY, Vibrant & Stable Stock Market which has ACHIEVED RECORD Levels but don't be SURPRISED if we REALIZE a Correction before the ELECTION ~ It'a a NATURAL Phenomena ~ (Everyone should COMPARE 401K & IRA Balances of today VERSEs when Republican George W Bush was President, I'm sure they will be PLEASED with RECENT Performance)

          * Virtually ZERO Inflation which means "PRICES" for Goods & SERVICEs have been REASONABLE

          * Reasonable GAS Prices
          * Relative "PEACE & Safety" here in the U.S.

          * Osama Bin LADEN ~ GONE

          * ISIS & Al Quaeda LEADERs ~ GONE

          * Unemployment at HISTORIC Lows of 5% According to OUR Dept. of Labor ~ Far from PERFECT but we are DEFINATELY on the CORRECT Trajectory

          * Minimum WAGEs Primarilt in BLUE Democratic States on the RISE ~ $15.00 per hr is the SHORT Term GOAL & it's Happening RIGHT NOW

          * Gay RIGHTs are NOW a Constitutional RIGHT

          * Row V Wade which PROTECTs a Woman RIGHTs has been PRESERVED

          A Pretty IMPRESSIVE Partial List of POSITIVE Change & PROGRESS which places President Obama in the TOP 5 & if "DRUMPFY Trump" continues to "DEMEAN, Trash & BASH" America & ALL her Citizens, maybe we as a nation should HELP him make his "Inveitable MOVE" to Communist Russia ~ sad

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            gmwilliamsposted 3 months ago in reply to this

            My point is that there are some people who find the current American climate to be unsettling.  They hate the fact that American society is becoming increasingly heterogeneous.  They abhor that there is a broadening & liberalization of gender roles & the greater acceptance of LGBT people.  These Americans want things to return to the 1950s where American society was mostly homogeneous where men & women KNEW their respective places & LGBT people were demonized, even marginalized as outsiders.  They don't want their old American paradigm to evolve into an America w/equal rights for all regardless of race/ethnicity, gender, & sexual orientation.  They want a "1950s homespun, wholesome" America.   They are upset like the OP's thread that American society & culture has........."GONE TOO FAR" for their taste.

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              Alternative Primeposted 3 months ago in reply to this

              We INSTANTLY Became a "Heterogeneous Country" the Very Day OUR "European Ancestors" Landed ON, then proceeded to "INVADE & Conquer" North America while STEALING the Property of Natives ~ sad

              Then, shortly thereafter according to my HISTORY Archives, we became even MORE "Heterogeneous" when we as an Unwelcomed, INVADING Species, Traveled to AFRICA & Captured the Native People, Shackled them, & DRAGGED them back to AMERICA on Large Vessels Against their will to be used here in the USA for "Labor & Perverse Pleasures" ~

              SUMMATION ?? Not a SOUL Living on this Tainted Land has a "RIGHT to GRIEVANCE" Pertaining to "Heterogeneous" unless of course it's a Complaint FILED by Native Americans who are the Rightful Inheritors of this LAND, Mexicans, or African Americans ~

              If the FRIGHTFUL Thought of "Heterogeneous" is a CONCERN, maybe the COMPLAINERs which includes "Abuser Trump" & his ENTIRE Grifter Family, should find an UNINHABITED Land, Settle it, and maybe then sometime in the Distant FUTURE, they can all have LEGITIMATE Complaints about "Heterogeneous" ~ smile ~ If of course they aren't Locked Up in PRISON before then which is a very realistic possibility if U INVESTIGATE Pending Litigation ~ sad

              Makes SENSE Right ?? smile

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                gmwilliamsposted 3 months ago in reply to this

                I mean truly heterogeneous with Blacks, Latinos, Asians, & Natives being in key, decision making positions.  Yes, America was heterogeneous but Caucasians had the powerful positions while Blacks, Latinos, Asians, & Natives were subordinate.  There ARE Americans who want non-Caucasians to be subordinate yet again- to be in their so-called place.   This is a VERY PIVOTAL time in American culture, society, & history, the old order is being toppled & SOME are threatened by this.

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                  ahorsebackposted 3 months ago in reply to this

                  America the Banana Republic ;
                    You can keep screaming "racist , bigots ,  slave drivers , colonialists , "  on and on and on just  as loud as you possibly can , BUT  that doesn't make it so !
                  The loudest volume  is not the most honest voice!
                  This IS a pivotal time in American history , a time when truth , bias , and  the egocentric political speak of the entire democratic party has  become something  else , anything else BUT honest , fair , unbiased  balanced and truthful !    It amazes me that we have reached a point in American history when our media states         " WE are Biased and We admit it " ..........for the benefit of a particular  candidate . 

                  Hilary promoters  are saying anything , any and  all things to promote one of the worst candidates in American history .   The Political Pollution , Corruption , and Bias  operating   of  all  government  agencies in America is historical ; this has never happened before !

                  The FBI , the State Department , the  CIA , The Federal  Election Committee  and their oversight   ,  .........has ethically devolved to a point of the level of all the  Banana  Republics   , those countries that   YOU  all should have read about in History books- had liberals  ever read a history book ........ It amazes me  that for how intellectual that  liberals in America profess to  be   , how that all of the available education  and squandered opportunity should  have offered ,.......Just how biased , blind and bigoted liberals are .

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                  Alternative Primeposted 3 months ago in reply to this

                  As I Stated Previously, "Drumpy Trump" & his SHRINKING Fan BASE have ZERO Rights with regard to REVERSING the "NATURAL Progression of Heterogeneous"  or "PURIFICATION" which is just ONE of a ZILLION REASONs WHY his BOZO Self is gonna' get Humiliated in November ~

                  Anyway, who the HELL here on EARTH wants to LOOK or ACT like a Demented "HOWDY Donald DOODY" CLOWN ??? Trump is probably the WORST Possible Argument / EXAMPLE for a "PURIFICATION" of the USA ~ sad ~ He's a MESS in every way, just look at him ~ Sorry, but his Family is no better & Ivanka & Donald jr. just might End Up SHARING a  Prison Cell with Daddy given their HISTORY ~ sad

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          Hemisphere Sambaposted 3 months ago in reply to this


          1. Alternative Prime profile image87
            Alternative Primeposted 3 months ago in reply to this

            OBVIOUSLY U don't REMEMBER the DISASTEROUS Republican Led GEORGE W Bush Tenure which Occured just PRIOR to President Obama's Near MIRACULOUS "Salvation & RESURRECTION" of the United States of AMERICA ~

        3. GA Anderson profile image85
          GA Andersonposted 3 months ago in reply to this

          Religious and political what?

          "As with many of..." Who?


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            gmwilliamsposted 3 months ago in reply to this

            Mr. Horseback meant some of his ancestors come to America to escape religious & political persecution. He furthermore assume that there are many people who are allegedly disgusted with the current state of American affairs. However, he failed to detail what part of American affairs & present logical evidence as to how & why such people are disgusted with such affairs.   He is unhappy w/America as is & wants America to be great again.  He wants America to return to the olden days where everything was defined & copasetic.

      3. Live to Learn profile image82
        Live to Learnposted 3 months ago

        Until we stop letting political rhetoric separate us to the point of inaction against the corruption in Washington we are left with them.