University of Virginia needs a new safe space ?

  1. ahorseback profile image45
    ahorsebackposted 8 months ago

    Thomas Jefferson's own university now going through  buyers remorse after  the election , now   needing a safe space and a  moratorium on using Jefferson's image and writings  on campus ?

    1. Live to Learn profile image81
      Live to Learnposted 8 months ago in reply to this

      I read an article about that. Very sad that faculty and students would claim that Jefferson should not be used a as a moral compass. I wonder if anyone has noticed that no human is perfect and no one, if we are looking for complete perfection, can be quoted or used as a moral compass.

      This self deprecation of our society is getting ridiculous.

  2. colorfulone profile image88
    colorfuloneposted 8 months ago

    Doesn't surprise me at all with the direction the country has been going.  Do you have a reference you can share for us to read? 

    Here's an article I read this morning "George Mason University Creates A “Safe Space” for Terror Supporters; Throws Anti-Jihad Activist in Jail" … ivist-jail

    It has a link to the "Ten Worst Anti-Semitic Campuses".