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Loretta Lynch actually calls for" Blood in the Streets "?

  1. ahorseback profile image47
    ahorsebackposted 2 weeks ago

    Seriously ?      At this point  let it happen ,maybe  its long past time that the proper police authorities starting fighting back ?    Tear gas , Batons , tazers  detention camps , jails  ...........

    From liberals ; "Nothing to see here folks move along "?

    1. Paul Wingert profile image79
      Paul Wingertposted 2 weeks ago in reply to this


      1. ahorseback profile image47
        ahorsebackposted 2 weeks ago in reply to this

        I think personally , that the stupid part  is this ;    When the ideologies of the left that you so vehemently support ; - Compromise the very system that created freedoms and liberties to begin with - while your ideology just stands by doing nothing . The construct of a federal governing body is then compromised  to the point of tyranny .   In that respect , The stupid part , fits perfectly where it originated.
        In your camp .


    2. Credence2 profile image83
      Credence2posted 2 weeks ago in reply to this

      Civil rights and civil liberties that came at such a price in this country will not be retrenched upon while those of the enlightened Left just stand by.....

      1. GA Anderson profile image85
        GA Andersonposted 2 weeks ago in reply to this

        Damn it Cred! Get off this "enlightened Left" stuff will ya!

        I don't think you are wrong in the essence of your thought, but you are sure as hell diminishing your message with such adjectives.

        I too have had thoughts that brought to mind our nation's Civil Rights struggles as an obvious example of the wrongness of many such comments as you have addressed. But I attribute it to an education of perspective - never an elitist attitude of enlightenment. Even if that is what it is, to describe it as such is an error that betrays an insensitive perspective - at least as I see it.

        I have repeatedly tried to help you, because I know the Force of the Dark Side is strong, but you have to stop dragging your feet, I am not as strong as in my youth. ;-)


        1. Credence2 profile image83
          Credence2posted 2 weeks ago in reply to this

          GA, What is with you and my use of the adjective 'enlightened'? It seems like the reflex action when someone taps the patella, I can be sure to get all right leaning people to come out and play?

          If my use of an adjective can so diminish what I have to say, I must either be using an expletive or my content must have little value.

          Education of perspective, what is that? Why do we spend so much time trying to bring the Neanderthals up to code? It is not six of one and half dozen of the other, there is no equivalent between the Neanderthal and those who recognize that we are in the 21st century. The is no equivalent in moving backward relative to moving forward. The congresswoman was simply affirming the determination not to backslide on much needed progress within this society. This is far less ominous than the 'lock and load' mentality of the gun worshipping Right.

          Since we are in an era where so much progress is being threatened,if not taken away, moving forward in providing rights and liberties to people have always been in the purview of the progressing thinking left, not those determined to hold on to privilege and advantage at the expense of others. We can start with the idea of expansion overwho could vote, for example.

          I am difficult to help because my basic distrust of the Right in the age of Bannion and Sessions ( people who at one time would have been avoided in polite company)) does not leave a great deal of room for me to find any common ground with such diametrically opposed adversaries.

          The intent of Congresswomen Lynch's comments were exaggerated by a fearful Right, making that clear is more important.

      2. ahorseback profile image47
        ahorsebackposted 2 weeks ago in reply to this

        I agree  , Except  when the  entire  integrity of the federal offices themselves are totally compromised by the Obama administration and alt- left ideologies , including the election itself !  A lesson for you ---  Liberties and freedoms do NOT include the right to compromise the very system of government that created them .    And you have defended those  acts and the administration that  totally compromised  them and done so ,  repeatedly .

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    AS Anik Hasan ASposted 2 weeks ago


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    AS Anik Hasan ASposted 2 weeks ago