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The Latest Test for the White House? Pulling Off Its Easter Egg Roll

  1. Stacie L profile image87
    Stacie Lposted 2 weeks ago

    The Latest Test for the White House? Pulling Off Its Easter Egg Roll
    https://www.nytimes.com/2017/04/11/us/p … .html?_r=0
    “It’s the single most high-profile event that takes place at the White House each year, and the White House and the first lady are judged on how well they put it on,” said Melinda Bates, who organized eight years of Easter Egg Rolls as director of the White House Visitors Office under President Bill Clinton. “I’m really concerned for the Trump people, because they have failed to fill some really vital posts, and this thing is all hands on deck.”
    Well,I guess he's a little distracted these days, with name calling and daring crazy dictators to shoot off a nuclear bomb and all. Seriously, don't the kids come first? wink

    1. ahorseback profile image50
      ahorsebackposted 2 weeks ago in reply to this

      AS to the new behavior habits of modern American youth , maybe it will be a egg throwing celebration .

    2. ptosis profile image79
      ptosisposted 2 weeks ago in reply to this

      Will Spicey be the Easter Bunny this year? smile


      1. Stacie L profile image87
        Stacie Lposted 2 weeks ago in reply to this


  2. Stacie L profile image87
    Stacie Lposted 10 days ago

    I see the president and family finally made the time for the kids easter egg roll...a day late. Looks like his needs and wants come before anyone elses. Too bad.

    1. colorfulone profile image87
      colorfuloneposted 10 days ago in reply to this

      Typically, the event for the kids is not scheduled on Easter Sunday.  Maybe they did in the 1800's, I don't care to research it.  But, just like last year the event was planned for the Monday, March 28 following Easter.  The liberal media just looks for ways to put a negative spin on anything President Trump, it is deliberate deception to control minds.  It really is trashy.  Maybe that makes some people feel better about themselves.  Ehssss 

      Looks like it was a lovely event at the People's House. Beautiful day!
      I loved seeing all those smiles on the children's faces. So happy!
      What a blessing the First Lady and President Trump are!

      Those kids will have wonderful memories, if all the bias and hypocrisy of the media and so-called adults don't rob them awesome memories from the children's minds.

      This could have been such a joyous thread. I'm disappointed.

      I loved seeing the photo of Sean Spicer dressed as the Easter Bunny, so cute!  He just seems like a sweetheart.

  3. Kathleen Cochran profile image85
    Kathleen Cochranposted 9 days ago

    The White House Easter Egg Roll has always been on Rosen Monday - the day after Easter.  I'm no Trump fan, but they weren't late with the event.