Gas Fire

We have been lived nomadically for years, and rented different sorts of houses and flats. Most of them heated by "Economy 7" electric heater.

Economy 7 is an electricity tariff with different pricing structures according to the time of day. The cheaper tariff usually starts around 1am and finishes around 8am. The electric heater is controlled by a timer, and I never know when the heater starts working. Normally, I wake up by the burning heat in the early morning and feel thirsty, because the heater make me sweating and dry up the air, but as we reach the evening my house start growing unbearable cold.

Now we moved into a new house, and have a gas fire installed. Some people says that he just uses the gas fire as a 'top up' in very cold weather, or on cool spring or autumn evenings when the main heating may not be on - or at times when he want it as a central focus in the room.

That's a living style we have never dreamt of indeed! We use gas fire as a luxury, even in very cold winter. But yes, it's a central focus in the living room. we all sit by the fire, I am reading my favorite book, my daughter squiggling some picture, she proudly show us her master piece when she finishes one, tells us: this is daddy, this is mummy, and this is Brenda!

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