global warming phenomena

A Three Dimensional Perspective On Global Warming

What is your position on Global Warming?

Presented here is a three dimensional perspective on the impact, cause and effect of
Global Warming that will provide, you, comprehension of (what it is), as a concept (how is it), and some understanding as to (why it is)...

Keep in mind there are many perceptions derived from this concept. Here, Global Warming, is a natural phenomena that occurs to balance the global temperature in an open thermodynamic system equation... It cools and heats as it maintain a balanced system synergy in its life cycle.

I am going to describe the three physical aspects of the phenomena that are apparent now:

1. You have to realize the earth is a hunk of magma that is floating in space undergoing its life cycle of changes as it will eventually be reabsorbed into the system that spawned it; and in the process is giving off its internal heat to space as it is heated by suns pyrotechnic fusion. The earth releases its heat by its earth tectonic activity; and

2. The sun's capacity is finite its ability varies, and its potential is predictable. The sun's reaction: four hydrogen atoms (4 protons + 4 electrons) combine to form one helium atom (2 protons + 2 neutrons + 2 electrons). The energy is produced due to difference between the mass of the four hydrogen atoms and the mass of hydrogen atom. Every second, on the sun about 616 million tons of hydrogen with nuclear fusion transforms to 612 million tons of helium and the mass difference (4 million tons/second) gives energy equivalent to 1024 watts... See for more on this aspect, for more on this.

3. Human activity and its byproducts of 

pollution are more a local phenomena and, only impacts life, not the earth itself.

Now as far as life causing Global Warming the answer is, it contributes; but it would happen anyway, it is the mechanism of cyclic cooling of the earth as its life cycle as a rock in space degrades and dies.

Understanding the synergy of earth and sun, you see the sun is the primary finite biological energy where as the earth is the finite mineral energy source; and both are needed to sustain life, because of the mechanical symmetry of their nature that keeps the life ship earth afloat and functional as a biosphere.

Now, all, the atmospheric input that occurs on the surface of the earth from all the life forms contributes to the thermodynamic equation... The outcome and occurrence of life produces gasses that also go into the atmosphere, and they impact the natural state of the earth's cycle. So, then, recognizing life and the earth are in a symbiotic relationship one can imagine the need to work in accordance with this concept. 

The present state of affairs is a concoction of many types of impacts so it is important to differentiate when one is trying to resolve whatever ones concern is, one needs to be specific...

From a metaphysical perspective, outside the box of physical politics and hype, again the notion of Global Warming contains a few phenomena that of the physical frame of reference, of the metaphysical frame of reference and of the spirit frame of reference. It is imperative to derive a three dimensional solution that actually meets the mark than to deliberate separate answers that will not provide a balanced correction.

Now the spiritual impact is the faith opinion and belief in the trueness, truth and trust in the chance, choice and change that will see humanity through the gauntlet of existence...

You have to envision;" Why the whole thing occurs, "life-consciousness, existence-thought and experience-universe"?"

It is quite a drama an it is a riddle, it is as riddled as you want to make it; or it is as clear cut as glass is transparent... You see all that occurs are probable action and reactions of our life consciousness, our existence thought and our experience in this universe... It hints at a reasoning, choice and decision of what is to be as humanity navigates itself through the different scenarios it allows to occur... Life is a test bed for the future thought that will form singularity of the omega...

On the other-hand, you have, an experience that is meaningless and inconsequential; because there is no point to what you see, because, your eyes are shut fearful of your real intent...

You see, each self is a force and a spiritual strength powered by its emotional being... This is the spiritual model of the consciousness thought universe.

This coupled with the metaphysical comprehension of human significance in the physical equation of the existence universe provides a significant model.... It is the model of the capacity, ability and potential humanity must gain to meet the task of singularity; it will be required to champion the gauntlet task...

Now understanding the impact of the solar system and the earth system degradation, and that of life form activity impact on the life existence equation, as provided. It is apparent even in the statement alone, the human physical impact can not out weigh the changes brought about by the total system in which life occurs. The system being the three dimensional array of body, mind and spirit of which all of existence is constructed...

So, what now? The debate on Global Warming is really about the local earth phenomena of people not being capable of managing their responsibility as life forms for the stewardship of the biological system in which they operate as metaphysical spirits.

You see humanity has misused its resources since day one, because it never developed an inclusive selfless and civil strategy for dealing with its impact on the environment in which it was placed... Humanity in its emotional turmoil has ignored its responsibility to set the goal, objective and plan of its purpose, motive and intent for being.

Now you might notice this is the metaphysical aspect of the goal, objective and plan. You see, religion has duped humanity into thinking it had the solution when in fact it lied like any good politician...

Humanity must derive the spirituality for a positive path away from the negative path; where one must choose the course, journey and path of ones existence. This leads to the notion found in the quality, attribute and nature of ones behavior attitude and temperament where positive inclusive, selfless civility is the path to positive inclusive singularity that the conscience must use to steer the self through the gauntlet of existence to the omega point...

Now you might question this truth; but you will never defeat it, it is the metaphysics of existence and the truth of the spirituality that drives the soul of self...

In closing, lets, compare the similar aspects of each perspective:

Global Warming from a spiritual perspective makes it a marker on the time-line of being existence that indicates the beginning, of a new era, that it is near... The age of enlightenment is upon us. It is time to evolve to the next stage of development given what we have accomplished through the amount of purpose, motive and intent we have developed thus far in the formation of the singularity needed to formulate the unity of the omega...

Global Warming from a physical perspective is an occurrence on the time-line of life existence brought about by the physical system universe dynamics that has little to no meaningful purpose, motive and intent without the mind and spirit perspective...

Global Warming from a metaphysical perspective is the oversight of the physical result due to the mismanagement of the energy of being, thought potential that could have put humanity in a better position to deal with the impacts of the physical dynamics of life's existence theater...

The scene of Global Warming is an act in the play of life where the tempering of human spirit is the theme, "to be or not to be." Again, and again, the question, is resurrected, only to be avoided yet again, until the choice is forced into being... Global Warming is the warning of the strength of change...


Dear Friend,

This was supposed to be the week the Senate made history.

After years of planning and many months of careful negotiating, a major bipartisan proposal on climate and clean energy was all set to be introduced this week. The press conference was scheduled, the speeches were written, and the media was alerted. It would have kicked off debate and served as the foundation of the strong Senate bill we need so badly.

Then it all fell apart.

Comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation is being held prisoner to partisan bickering and political posturing. History has been put on hold -- and I need your help to get the Senate back on track.

If enough of us make noise, we can jump-start the process and make sure that this is just a minor detour instead of another dead end.

Call your Senators right now and urge them to put partisan politics aside and take immediate action on climate and clean energy: 1-877-9-REPOWER (1-877-973-7693).

Please make sure you know what the differences are, demand to know what the issues are that are causing the debate; it seems like politics as usual with no real benefit for humanity... Check it out... Its your right to know... I have a request in for information I'll publish it as soon as I get a response... Thanks for listening...

Make sure to document your inquiry and Report your call here or with me... This should be interesting to know...


Nelu 21 months ago

if it was me i would start by saying"the galobl warming has change are world".and you ask how let me tell you how.#1 the galobl warming has change the pole's of are world how by the warming is melting of ice ever year by 1" a year and in some case's were it warm it turning cold.we have to do some thing to stop it.we as humans have the God given right to change some thing if it's not right.because if we don't are kids and there kids wont have a place to i ask you what's is the most in-portion thing we need to do.(stop the galobl warming)fine better way's for are fulls we us each year and better way's to make the lives of are children better.there are so many way's to help are self's we just have to get ever one to see it.because we don't we wont have a world.that's how i would start it.give them some thing to talk about for the next week are got to believe in what you are saying to them if you don't then you have wast your time in tell them.get as much of info as you can to prove your point.well i hope that i have open your eye's to what you have to do.your friend fred

DUNCAN 2 years ago

We need to have serious campaign globally to create awareness of global warming.If this is done then we will be able to protect our world from the tragedy of commons.

loua profile image

loua 5 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

exweeder thanks for sharing your opinion.

Hopefully humanity will see the error of its way and we shall right the wrongs done to set the course to a more desirable future...

exweeder 5 years ago

i said this on another page . u have hundreds of millions of cars been driven 24/7 pumping fumes into our atmosphere .never stops .u have huge planes flying all over the world 24/7 pumping tonnes of fumes into our atmoshere above the clouds. never stops .u have god knows how many coal burning power station world wide trying to supply energy to an ever increasing demand pumping fumes into our atmoshere. never stops .the earth (mother nature)can not get rid of these fumes that are poison to life on earth,im afraid god or some other force will not save us. the earth will carry on without us and the sun does not have enought time left in its life cycle, first to allow the earth to recover then for us by some miracle to appear again .ever growing world wide population adding to the problem.we so busy fighting wars against each other , cant agree on anything due to different religions and cultures , each thinks they right . some people think humans have some devine right to be here and will bounce back .we will end up like mars .we have a system in place that runs all the worlds econimies only problem its killing us in the form of pollution ,ever evolving and leaving terrible waste in its wake .people being encourged to grab the brass ring, win at all costs.we are running out of time we need to change focus and dirrection but how , jesus if he doesnt hurry will return to a waste land .good luck my fellow mankind and if u read this with an open mind will realize its the truth . and guess what ,the truth will set u free.good bye and see u on the flip side if it indeed exists as time is running out.

loua profile image

loua 6 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

TH, Fundamentally where both wrong by implying its one or the other simply because they are phase processes that work in unison; warming triggers cooling and cooling trigger warming. Its a catch 22; where both have to be considered to actually describe the mechanism. The gasses in the atmosphere retard escape of the heat until they actually interfere with the heat reaching the surface to warm, then the cooling commences until the atmosphere is again cleansed for the photons to penetrate the atmosphere to heat the surface. It is indeed a cycle; but it has been exacerbated by the dirty air humanity has propagated.

tom hellert profile image

tom hellert 6 years ago from home


As usual your hubs are enjoyable, interesting and opinionated. Unfortunately, on this topic I believe you have been fooled, The earth is not warming I have a hub addressing the opposite side of this you are a better writer probably than I EVER will be. You view the world on a higher plane than I. Your understanding of the spiritual harmonics of life exceed my own. However, I believe it is now that we are entering another cooling phase of the planet's history. I have seen and we have documentation about the faulty data and "fudged" or insufficient data collected by a bias "pro-warming" scientific society. Thats not to say I believe we as humans should not be better stewards of the planet and I believe wa should l energyook for other "more natural" sources of energy . I am an all of the above guy. I would ask your opinion on my hub Thanks.

Again I may be missing something in your hub so if I am just tell me the what-for thanks.

loua profile image

loua 6 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author


Thanks for your support, its appreciated...



As always thanks for visiting and providing feed back...



Thank you very much for visiting glad you appreciate the message...


Paradise7 First and foremost Thanks Always for visiting...

Yes, the science is straight forward and easy its the metaphysical corollary that is hard to address without infringing on religious turf and political opinion; but in order to breach the void of understanding that propagates the cause and effect of human actions it will be necessary to reassess the reasoning of religion and politics. The perspective of science in navigating the conscious and conscience of humanity lacks the perception and concepts necessary to solve the problems for correct answers that will meet the needs of life...

Paradise7 profile image

Paradise7 6 years ago from Upstate New York

The solid science at the beginning was what I liked most about this hub. So true.

FCEtier profile image

FCEtier 6 years ago from Cold Mountain

Thoughtful and well written.

Thanks, Loua!

msorensson profile image

msorensson 6 years ago

It is wonderful that you can put it altogether in perspective. Thanks. I enjoyed the hub.

thevoice profile image

thevoice 6 years ago from carthage ill

beautiful hub god loves this great work thanks

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