good and evil

To understand good and evil one must know the meaning of its impact, motive and intent. Lets first look at the motives surrounding the notion, philosophy and speculation of good and evil, then we will investigate the intent and finally the impact of our reasoning, choices and decisions.

In this context of good and evil we have the following motives:

Motive 1: To maintain a good civil temperament, that ensures a positive course, journey and path.

Motive 2: To exposure ourselves to, risk and danger by defaulting to one's evil temperament, this is a slippery slope of impulse, desire(urge) and temptation.

Motive 3: To be prepared to guide, pilot and navigate for the agreement, harmony and symmetry of the flow, current and happenings composing the life course, journey and path required to manage the stewardship and responsibility for human behavior, attitude and temperament, which will evolve the body, mind and soul of humanity...

You see, the magnitude of this primary meaning supersede most application of these two words. When language is applied to the navigation of one's life, existence and universe the nature of the choice meanings become very important. The whole of one's existence is hinged on the meaning of three words and motive is one of their derivatives.

There is much more to be said about motive; but to be succinct, lets move on.

Now lets look at the intent of the motive decision you have chosen:

Intent is the reason for the motive-choice. The three reasons, choices and decisions humanity has before it are the primary factors of the being existence universe.

Good and evil are expressions of one's will; but they are not in opposition, as one may believe them to be. They are both willful expressions; but they do not have the same factor weight nor are they in the same phase for the equation of thought, word, or deed.

You see, behavior is derived from the expression of attitude and temperament so, a good-civil-temperament equates to civility and thus inclusive behavior; that's where you consider everyone and everything in your reasoning, choices and decisions... The opposite or worst end of the behavior spectrum is derived from the behavior expressions which generate a good-evil temperament, thus a bad-temperament-nature; this good-evil temperament is produced from the best of exclusive quality per a better-selfish-attitude that exceeds the one that derives it..The best of evil is disorder, chaos and disarray of one's emotion, desire and will.

There are examples of this paradigm formula throughout the societies of the world. All you have to do is watch the News and listen to the aggressive, selfish-combative and competitive-nature of all the matters discussed that lacks the positive rival, challenge and play necessary for improving the positive selflessness for the collective lot of humanity... This is where the paradigm presented regulates, coaches and referees human behavior so it does not run the risk of developing a good, better, best evil-temperament-nature by default...

To be frank most people misuse language to their own detriment, because they loose the sense, ability and understanding it is suppose to convey. Like reading faces and body language, words witness the quality, attribute and nature of human thoughts and deeds. You see, when one fails to be diligent in discerning the understanding of the words they use, the meaning looses the valuable-knowledge needed for correct reasoning, choice and decision.

Impact of bad behavior and its correlation to word misuse:

Lets look at these misused words and some examples of how misunderstanding manipulates behavior and causes chaos.

Argument - The opposite of good is bad, it is not evil, fore the opposite of evil is civil, lets investigate this misconception.

Explanation: You can do bad things good as you can do evil thinks good... You see good and bad are simple measures of will. Civil and evil will defines the measure of ones thoughts, word and deeds in their overall nature as the bias in the inclusive open system universe; not some exclusive experiment that cares not to be responsible for its negative impact (collateral damage)... The lesson here is that singularity is a balanced equilibrium of inclusive selfless civility; where all share in a common reality of well-being...


1) That which is compliant is acceptable and good; that which is non-compliant is unacceptable and bad. You see, here,each may be evil to the core; but accepted because of self deception due to not knowing the impacts, cause and effect of the behavior, attitude and temperament propagated.

2) Best, better and good is; as is worst, terrible and bad. See, these definitions provide magnitudes of will not the primary category of behavior temperament as is found in the understanding of civil and evil temperament.

3) Wickedness is fiendish evil, as politeness is courteous civility. You see, these definitions provide knowledge, meaning and understanding of the notion presented.

You see, good is a willful compliance, while evil is a willful wickedness. So, it is apparent that the meanings are not reflective of a linear relationship; good implies the best per what is better; while evil implies, a wickedness per what is fiendish. The opposite of evil is civil; fore civil implies a politeness per courteousness that deters evil...

Again good is about getting better and evil is about getting fiendish, as bad is about deriving a terrible-attitude and bad-temperament. Being bad it is not about fiendish-attitude and evil-temperament. Now, please understand, that, being bad is the leading edge or phase in becoming evil; but its not the reflection of the end phase for the nature spectrum of evil. Bad actions do not necessarily have to end up becoming evil, it depends on the intent, the motive and the purpose of the action which propagated the bad temperament; but it is a strong current that pulls the emotions in the negative direction, that of evil...

Make a note: This is all about how words deceive us into believing we have no control over the direction of our course, journey and path; and to realize that society is the most culpable entity for setting the pace on this course, journey and path. Now that the responsible party has been identified it is now time to put a face on this deviate. Well, the bottom line it is every single person that thinks and breaths. "Why"? "We are parts of one whole entity, that is why." Humanity is just, that, a single expression, an entity of energy form; which composes the cells of humanity, so, we must not cause cancers and malfunction of the system.

"Evil is a negative behavioral bias, it causes other negative behavior biases (cancers) to flow in the same direction; like an electron stream which bombards a positively charged target... You see, the wave of behavior (power) is either a positive or negative action or reaction influenced by each thought, word or deed that stimulates a given response. You essentially create behavior from a point of perception where you idealize and envision what you wish to create. If you fail to visualize what you want you flow with the current of the, dominate, bias. Here, you see, you become a bird of the feather and flock with the prevailing wind of chance; and reality has no reason for its existence except it was let to occur without instruction, by chance...

What this says, "You get what you desire, will, and emotionalize into existence... " If you do not manifest your existence you are the product of someone else and part of their reality...

To answer the question, "one can be very good at being evil and very bad at being civil", like Nietzsche, prescribed in, "Beyond Good and Evil", for humanity to be good and evil; this is how evil might it be, when hell is the prescribed destination of human choice?

Here is a guidance analogy for maintaining a positive course direction; to be good at doing inclusive, selfless and civil stuff and bad at exclusive, selfish and evil stuff... Following this guidance would put the human species on the map as soul pilots searching in a positive direction towards a positive goal, objective and plan in the domain of heaven... Other than this journey-direction humanity is at the mercy of the winds of probability and the fickleness of chance without choice... "This is the current (journey) of humanity's course path on which its life-ship sails; it is sailing in the evil and vile current of default, because good men are doing nothing"... As Edmund Burke wrote: “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing...”

This is the dialectic, the rhetoric and paradigm needed to address the human condition:

Human virtue is its dignity and decency; human value is its moral worth; human purity is in its moral goodness; and human integrity, is found in its moral ethics... You see, without the implementation of the inclusive, selfless civility paradigm for steering a positive moral course, humanity is drifting in the evil current of negative behavior by default...

Limiting the negative impact of human behavior:

Finally the Impact of our choice and decision, it is the way we limit the field of wrongful acts, without killing all that is despised; where selfless-logic dictates a course, journey and path that dissolves negative behavior in the wake of positive behavior so that hate and revenge is no longer spawned and breed by hate and revenge. The age old story of hate and revenge has been propagating violence throughout history, to no avail... A better solution is to strike the foe from thought; here is where it exist; and build a better behavior vessel that repeals negative current... Another analogy is, " Shooting stars crash and burn; but the sun provides the light of life that cleanses the earth of the negative ions by tying them up into balanced compound solutions"... You see, humanity will not find stability if it does not let its course be guided by its positive self on a positive path which balances life's negative aspects. It must right its negativity into a balanced system by seeing the advantage of its bad experiences and that the evil in the world is there because it is the negative energy, the electrons in the energy field that need to be balanced. It is an exercise in thought application... Humanity must be aware that pure negative thought is the metaphysical electricity that needs to be grounded in a positive system of love, harmony, and affection...


loua profile image

loua 5 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

triosol,thank you for your patronage...

triosol profile image

triosol 5 years ago

Good Hub. Very Informative. Voted Up.

loua profile image

loua 6 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

epigramman, I am pleased you are you, and that you get what is so pertinent to our existence.

I sense you are on a path similar to mine in that we must communicate our position in space and time to coax the other energy of us to join the course, journey and path of perfection.

This journey is both productive and positive for binding the parts of spirit to gain the singularity of the All...

There are many levels of existence, in that existence is the whole picture of the puzzle, we are all building the input of our lives as we live. This is the most significant concept in that we each must provide the best we can to add to the picture of the All; it is the composition of our likenesses that will reflect each individual soul in the sum of the parts as the All...

epigramman profile image

epigramman 6 years ago

.. your hubs .... this hub provides a deep deep well of intellectual, enlightening and provocative thought!

I certainly got a lot out of what you say - you have the pedigree of a great mind backed by world class research - and it inspires me to no end ...... if you read some of my material you will know what I mean .....and far as the yin and yang of good and evil - well you can't have one without the other!

I was also telling some of the hub readers here that I was a visitor from another planet - Mars - so I guess we are both from another galaxy in both mind and spirit - lol lol

loua profile image

loua 6 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

gusripper, Thank you for visiting and commenting... It is kind of revealing when one really looks at the definitions of the words and recognizes that the use for many years has conveyed a false representation of evil, making good deeds look like the remedy; it is not, civility is the solution. Civility requires total inclusion of every effort to direct the course, journey and path for the citizens of church and state...

gusripper profile image

gusripper 6 years ago

They say that good cannot live without evil.Untill now this seems to be correct.

loua profile image

loua 6 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

MaryRenee, thank you ever so much for your interest and appreciation... Please visit my other blogs as time permits and I shall view your work. Thanks again...

Sa`ge, pleased you enjoyed a walk down memory lane... Hope to hear form you often... Again, thanks for your patronage...

Sa`ge profile image

Sa`ge 6 years ago from Barefoot Island

very interesting and mind provoking in many ways, brings back into mind all my lessons of the past to be applied in a different way in today's realities. thank you :) ~aloha~

MaryRenee 6 years ago

Ioua: This hub is so awesome and intresting! Thanks for sharing this great hub! :)

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loua 6 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

msorensson, I am glad to hear the lesson resonated with you... Thanks for visiting..


Paradise7, I am pleased you found some good points in the lesson... I appreciate your visits...


Enigmatic Me, Thanks for the visit...

To be or not to be is based on engaging the objective of being; so, to live in the shadow of someone else is to relinquish one's reality for the other one's reality...

The lesson here is to share in creating reality as the whole expression of a singular reality... Essentially life must be a singularity of all, for all to share in a common reality..

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Enigmatic Me 6 years ago from East Coast Canada

So I am a figment of someone else's imagination? Whoa....

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Paradise7 6 years ago from Upstate New York

Very good hub, many good points made and noted. Thank you!

msorensson profile image

msorensson 6 years ago

This is exactly what my thoughts were this morning. Thank you.

"You get what you desire, will, and emotionalize into existence... " If you do not manifest your existence you are the product of someone else and part of their reality"

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