States Allow Guns on College Campuses

Is it Safe to Allow Guns on College Campuses?

Many college students have permits to carry concealed weapons, and many more could be permitted if they applied, so, if it's within the law, and the constitution says we are allowed to bear arms in the Second Amendment, why ban them on college campuses? Banning firearms on campus is supposed to prevent school shootings, but I guarantee that a criminal or a student who really wants to bring a gun onto campus and fire, will do so whether he is permitted or not and whether there is a ban of firearms on campus or not.

Now, that more states are starting to allow firearms on college campuses, anti-gun moms, politicians, and school faculty are having a fit. But, remember if a student, teacher, or guest on campus wants to bring a gun and start shooting, he will whether he is allowed to have the gun on the campus or not.

By allowing guns on campus, it gives students and faculty the ability to protect in case of an intruder with a gun wants to go on a rampage.

The International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA), quotes that:

There is no credible evidence to suggest that the presence of students carrying concealed weapons would reduce violence on college campuses. In fact, we are concerned that concealed carry laws have the potential to dramatically increase violence on college and university campuses that our Members are empowered to protect.

Why Allow Guns on College Campuses?

The controversy has been around for years, the NRA fighting to protect gun owners and their Right to Bear Arms. Even though the organization is built to protect our Constitutional right, anti-gun politicians and moms have fought to reduce the rights of gun owners.

Banning guns on college campuses, where many students and faculty are probably legally allowed to own a concealed weapon if they already don't have the permit, you're restricting that right to carry your concealed weapon. The bans on college campuses are meant to protect students and faculty, but what happens if the only thing that will help protect them is a gun? Or what if when walking out of a night class alone, and a stranger comes up to your daughter and tries to harm her? If she had a gun, she would be able to defend herself, if it came to that.

Well, banning firearms on campus is generally a nation-wide ban, even though you'll find each state will have extremely varied gun and firearm laws. It's just a common thing. No mom wants her son shot, much less while he's at school, but does that mom realize that her son may be saved from a gun-slinging maniac by another student who is carrying a gun on campus?

More states are considering this scenario, and we've already seen a few states change their regulations on firearm bans on college campuses.

Which Schools Allow Guns on Campus?

Guns do not mean kill, not even in times of protection and self defense. You can easily shoot a mugger in the foot if he gets out of control, giving you time to get away without harm.

If you're interested in which states allow firearms on campus before you go to school or before your child does, check out the short but growing list of states that have bills pending that will overturn the policy banning firearms on university campuses.

Signs like these will soon be removed from many university campuses.
Signs like these will soon be removed from many university campuses.
  1. Alabama
  2. Arizona
  3. Georgia
  4. Indiana
  5. Kentucky
  6. Michigan
  7. Ohio
  8. South Carolina
  9. Tennessee
  10. Virginia
  11. Washington

Utah is the only state right now that already has a policy allowing permit holders to carry guns on campuses of its nine public universities.

South Dakota recently tried to overturn their policy prohibiting guns on college campus, but it was denied. They are still trying to push the issue though, so given time South Dakota (and the other states) may be joining Utah.

Kentucky's proposed bill will allow students and faculty to keep their firearms concealed in their private vehicles.

So, you'll find that 38 states and the District of Columbia prohibit guns in or around public schools. Sixteen of those states strictly prohibit guns in colleges and universities.

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Comments 13 comments

Andrew 6 years ago

And ellen it seems strange to me that in the years of the school shootings we have primarily been under liberal (guns bad no no don't touch that) rule. Your right there are a lot less intelligent people anymore. Hence why liberals have taken majority control of congress and the American public is electing these anti gun anti freedom buffoons

Andrew 6 years ago

Okay, if you really want to get into it let's take a look at jamaica. They have completely banned any sort of firearm of gun and currently have an incredibly high percentage of armed robberies and violent crimes. This country was formed to enforce liberties of every citizen. What if the country turns against us? Who are we to defend ourselves and fight for our freedoms on the home front if we don't have a weapon and are taking on a fully automatic M-16. Good luck buddy, I'll have my guns. Secondly, let's take a look at two separate situations. We live in a picture perfect world and everyone abides by every law. Fabulous! Nobody would need guns because since every one is law abiding we don't have a single criminal or a crime rate. Now lets take a look at the second picture, we live in the world we do, and there are evil people out there willing to commit crimes and kill out of greed and anger. Do you think a law prohibiting weapons or allowing kids to carry weapons is truly going to stop these mentally deranged people who are willing to kill and take innocent blood from breaking these laws and having a gun with them? I'm not going to answer it and will leave it up to you to decide. How apt do you think these people are going to be willing to break out into a shooting in a college classroom where they know it's possible a majority of the other students/professors could have weapons? The same goes for whoever said something about a fight. Do you really think a person is going to shoot someone in a fight if he knows several other people in the area including the person he is having the argument could possible have a concealed weapon? The odds keep getting smaller and smaller. And if he truly isn't worried about this, what is going to stop him in the first place? The best defense is a good offense.

Stonecore 6 years ago

If they get in a fight and in self defence they shoot them is legal

Liz 6 years ago

The University of Utah allows concealed firearms onto campus if they have the proper license to carry and conceal. Their crime rates have NOT gone up. However, Nothing is going to stop someone with a gun, with or without campus gun rights to carry their gun onto campus if they've got their minds set on injuring someone. In my opinion, another thing about guns is that people are not likely to carry an illegal firearm onto a campus with the intention of hurting someone if they think someone WILL be carrying a gun.

Just some thoughts... And actual research.

Jack Burton profile image

Jack Burton 6 years ago from The Midwest

anon sez: why do people think that because you can shoot paper targets on a shooting range then you are suddenly qualified to handle situations that police go through years of training to handle?

Jack replies: Mixing up apples and oranges, eh? Police are very rarely in at the beginning of a problem. They are trained to come into the middle and attempt to sort things out.

We citizens, however, are almost always involved in the very beginning. We don't need to "stop and figure out" who the badguy is because we already saw him pull out his gun and start in shooting innocents.

Next will you wonder why we carry fire extinguishers in our cars when it takes firemen months to learn their trade? Or spare tires when we are not car mechanics?

anon 6 years ago

why do people think that because you can shoot paper targets on a shooting range then you are suddenly qualified to handle situations that police go through years of training to handle?

Bradams 6 years ago

Nice article. People who get permits aren't the people we need to worry about, they obviously are following the law. It's the outlaws we need to be concerned about, you know, the ones who won't have a permit. Exactly why I will be getting my permit soon. I like the idea of knowing that there could be licensed holders nearby ready to protect the ones who are against it.

Jack Burton profile image

Jack Burton 6 years ago from The Midwest

Asless asks: What happens when the fights break out, and one of those kids with guns decides to pull it out and shoot them? Will they be safe then?

Jack replies: With six million CCW holders across 40 plus states for dozens of decades you should be able to point to hundreds of thousands of times when guns were "pulled out" just because of a fight. But you can't. Because it hasn't happened. Not tens of thousands of times, and not thousands of times.

But it is odd that you mention it. Are we to assume that you are the type to pull a gun out and shoot someone?

profile image

Madame X 7 years ago

The IACLEA is full of it. There is A LOT of evidence from the FBI and the federal government that specifically states that if a would-be attacker thought guns were present that it would deter their attack. If anyone wants to doubt this, try posting a sign on your front lawn that says, "Gun-free zone". Think about it - would anyone even consider advertising in such a way?

Very interesting article!

jesse 7 years ago

As a permit holder and a good old fashoned red blooded american i realize that the abundance of good people with guns has always made us safer. I come from a small town in michigan with almost no crime. It's known that anywhere you go there is a good chance there is a good person, and he has a gun. If there happened to be a shootong and there is 1,2, or more bad guys with guns there would be almost no way of stopping their blood bath, but if there's more good guys with guns that shooting would be over- fast. There would also be a lot less dead students just trying to better their life. There will never be a cop in every class, or on every corner. The fabric of good americans has to protect us sometimes, so why not let us good people protect each other.

Some Guy 7 years ago

First of all it is illegal to carry a firearm while intoxicated, second most states make it illegal for a person under the age of 21 to cary a concealed firearm, most students living on campus are under 21. Most of the people who will be carrying will be professors and students who live off of campus

Ashlee 7 years ago

What happens when the fights break out, and one of those kids with guns decides to pull it out and shoot them? Will they be safe then?

Hi-Jinks profile image

Hi-Jinks 7 years ago from Wisconsin

Is it Safe to Allow Guns on College Campuses? No, have you ever seen a drunken party on campus?

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